Argh ran out of time

So frustrating!

Stupid Aegir :sob::joy:


Having read through all the relevant threads I know for a fact that Aegir is an SG plant designed designed purely to mock players for the developers amusement.

You’re obviously photoshopped images suggesting that Aegir is actually useful marks you as a member of the Guiniatti.

pulls pin on grenade and runs


Are you part of the staff? trying to make Aegir look good? :rofl:
Not enough firepower tho, two healers and one riposte plus slow Justice


Had a nearly similar defeat of a raid. I sadly clicked the fight button without recognizing, that the def team was up.

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Yes my mistake was too many passives and slows but I generally use my weakest formations for my first war hit.

Should have put in Caedmon or something

:joy: How bad is it making Aegir look good @nes @JonahTheBard @KnifeWonder

Not enough firepower but still a great result to reverse the situation in just 1:25 minutes :slight_smile:
If only this sneaky Joon would have attacked the counterattacking heroes… :weary:

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Joon was actually the first hero to die by counter-attack but darling mother North resurrected him…

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I don’t know how you guys manage to do that raids.

My raids are at best 30 seconds (win or lose).

Sustaining teams :rofl:

…maybe even a bit tooooo much sustain :see_no_evil:

Three healers + field aid

= “Why… can’t I kill you…?”



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