Arfanias or Klaern : Legends of Kalevala Epic Hero Token Pull

I have 31 Epic Hero Token. Should I use them this month (Arfanias) or next month (Klaern) ?


Arfanias – 5* Dark / Purple - June 2022 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

🧪 Early information on the July 2022 HOTM -- Klaern [Part of The Beta Beat V48]

  • Arfanias
  • Klaern

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Arfanias. No discussion possible. Klaern is a joke.


I already have Arfanias. That’s why I’ll use my Epic Hero Token next month. But as all you know, Klaern is useless…

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I just want to be sure since Klaern might be good to counter Alfrike but seem to be no :sweat_smile:.

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Hanitra is a good counter (fast, yellow, dodge, immune to Mindless Attack and gives a buff against health reduction). Klaern is not (slow, blue, even though he seems to be immune to Mindless Attack too). :wink:

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How can I put this?

:point_up: :nerd_face: :bulb:

If you pull Klaern with Friar Tuck, Friar Tuck is the best part.


If the HOTM is your only concern, go with Arfanias 100%. Bear in mind that the POV summon mission may also be a factor if you’ve already completed the current one.

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I really don’t want klearn… If i pull him… He is soul exchange fodder… Immediately… Don’t pass go… Do not collect $200.

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Simply read the stats, speed and impact of the heroes and it is fairly clear which hero to aim for.

  • Arfanias is a good hero.

Now for the practical actions… start summons of Kalevala and in case Arfanias pops ou, immediately stop and wait for 1st July… I have held back the EHTs now for next HoTM.

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I already got a copy of the current, so I’m saving up tokens until July. Btw, I hate LoK.

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