Arfanias – 5* Dark / Purple - June 2022 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Faced a couple on defense. He is more of a pest than a danger. His attack hit me really hard and killed my C Viv heavily emblemed. His dodge can be handled when he is a defender. You can tile him to death, debuff or just wait. He is designed to be offensive. Add a DD and fire him on a full/ close to full mana, he can almost kill them. Mine is still at 3 70. I took him for 2 raids. He didn’t survive on one but on the one he fired, he took 3 cards all by himself with a decent board.


Yeah i have ahhotep as well. Was thinking of running them together with onyx and C Rigard in a mono team

Anyone actually try him with Zocc? I don’t see that being better than with panther

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I really wanted Ratatoskr, and instead I got two copies of Arfanias.

Happy to have him, but with one tabbard and Kunchen ahead of him, it’ll be a long time coming.

Think he might pair well with Quintin, but then who doesn’t? Quintin can hit the one with no mana, this guy hits one with full mana which will kill Quintin’s target as well. Plenty of snipers will do the same with Quintin though, so not a groundbreaking idea by any means.

I need to emblemed him. His stats are not particulair high.


I love the stats he has, when fully loaded.
Could you please share which path you choose to get those stats?

It’s Drizzt D’ourden. Dark Elf legend.


Put me in the club that got afarnias. I have costume domitia and costume Sartana… So i guess I’ll level him up slowly unless something better comes along… But at this point… He seems more like a roster luxury than anything.

I finally got him on a challenge festival pull. Just finished Moreau and am doing some stored 4*/3* before making another 5* decision.

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Oddly enough, I got Kara with my first ten-pull in May. These elusive character had me wait all the way until this new Finish event came up and I got him as well as Mielikki, which is who I really wanted because she pairs nicely with Mr. Pengi!

I’m just leveling mine and I have c kage and khonshu already maxed, i think these tree is killer combo on offense and I can put Guyan Yu and quenell with them or zagrog, c Magni c Poseidon kara lots of possibilities , in defense c kage left wing and khonshu right wing is already annoying when guan Yu zagrog quenell or Kara middle fully embled and limit break :slight_smile:

Waiting 1 ring and 1 telescope to bring sobek to 1/4 and Khufu 1/4 for arfanias i have legendary ascent book so no cost for the last upgrade, if I’m not getting anyone better, would like to level phileas Fogg too for sick green team but fighter emblems 0

my alliance runs purple tanks but i only have Costume Rigard, Arfanias, Onyx and Tiburtus as maybe possible tanks. Can Arfanias work as a tank on defense?

His stats are not high enough to be a good tank. His special is wasted when the enemy has not much mana which will be the case at the beginning of the battle… he will not survive long enough for a good chunk of damage with his special skill.
I would place him on wing and nowhere else. Even a Rigard with LB is a better tank than him imho.

ok thank you. Yeah right now i either run a rigard LB with 20 emblems or a Onyx with 11 emblems as my tank. very not ideal.

I think onyx is your best option for the time being. I’d happily set rof rigard to heal already fully healthy heroes…


Finally leveled him and took him for a ride with G Panther on a raid. Heimdall who was all set to Fire, was hit with GP and then Afr, he took away 1280 points and killed him. Without GP he did 980 damage to a 80% charged MN in another war fight.
This Guy is a keeper for a long time. For a HOTM he is way too good. Wish i had pulled more than 1 copy of him. I can retire my Sartana.


980 doesn’t seem like a lot of damage though…