Ares vs Azlar on a slow team


I still haven’t had any luck on Sartana or Marjana but I pulled an Ares and I’m wondering how he stacks up to Azlar (most of my team is slow) and which I should go with, any recommendations?


Azlar is a one man wrecking crew.

Assuming equivalent levels though Ares would last longer probably even in the optimal attacker case too… which gives more time to get your slow specials up for the win.

I played against a level 60 Ares yesterday and I have to admit he didn’t go down as easily as I was expecting and the win was way uglier than I was anticipating too, and I’m starting to really enjoy Ares raid attacking for what little that’s worth… but I don’t fear seeing Ares at tank (at least not at the current levels, I have only seen my own Ares at third ascension so far but that’s just RNG), Azlar is scary for me with my available team comp anyway.

I have yet to attack a Colen or Azlar yet with Ares in my lineup, I should go try that since it made riposte teams so much easier, and that might re-evaluate my opinion of the two as tanks as Ares being a flavor of the month hero, is pretty common.


I would love to see how level 80 Azlar works. Sounds like he could be nasty. But would be shame to spend 6 rings and then regret it.


So far, Ares is good for lasting quite awhile. He’s basically garbage against titans and doesn’t do much in raids or farming. I figured he and Athena would be nasty together. Maybe at max he might prove better. Azlar is nasty. His apecial makes a big diff. If using identical teams aside from switching them with each other ans up against the same teamb barring any crazy varuations in combat luck, Azlar would be the better choice more often than not.


I will simply state that no hero comes close to their potential until their skill level is maxxed; writing off a hero before you have really played at that level is slightly, well, suboptimal.

Ares plays like Brienne on map, raid attack, and titans. Happy to compare titan hits if you really want to, we both have Athena so it’s mostly fair, and I don’t care what titan level you are attacking TBH. Ares has earned a permanent home in my titan lineup, just like Athena.

Raid defense, well maybe. Some of the top ranked players in the game have declared Ares sucks, I think the jury is still out but I don’t have their perspective… but since I’m working Ares anyway, it costs me nothing to try it at least to see whenever I try playing for cups again.


The 2 biggest problems with Ares is that he only targets 3 heroes and while the heal is strong, is over time. The healing heroes can be nuked before they heal up. But I think it is a fun change from direct heals.

Comparing to Azlar does not work as they are totally different. I would compare him to Boldtusk, and would say he is better healer, if you get him to 80. At 70 Boldtusk is probably better. If I hadn’t Vivica at 80, I would probably use Ares as healer/tank. If I could summon him first :slight_smile: