Ares or Natalya to 4th Ascension?

Hello all,
I’m looking for opinions on whether Ares or Natalya would be the better option to ascend to fourth tier. I have Azlar, Lianna, & Perseus maxed, and Musashi & Sartana at 4-78 so basically maxed. My 5* healers currently are Vivica & Alby, but both are stuck at 3-70 waiting on mats. I do have 4* healers like Boldtusk, etc., but no other 5* healer, and only Azlar (slow mana) for Reds ascended to 4th tier. Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks! :grinning:

Ares. Best tank. Don’t really think Nat is all that.

Yes Ares would probably be better. His critical buff is awesome and allows you to score higher damage in titan fights as well as he protects your heroes in events and PvP’s. Of course Natalya is good too, but if it’s about her Ares, there is no doubt which one you should choose.

A lot of players have said Ares is the best tank, and that’s where I used him when I still had 4* on my raiding team. But I’m not positive that a “heals 3” would be better than a for sure “kills 1-2”. Ares can be de-buffed as well, and with all the Zeline’s out there now, I believe that will become more of an occurrence with him, making him not so much of a best pick for tank anymore. And based on the leaderboard, Guin took over best tank, Ares second.
All of my main heroes are fast strikers with no decent buffs dealt :frowning_face: but a defense for green and a self-heal, and Azlar’s DOT. I know I made that bed from who I chose to level, but they were who I had at the time. I’m trying to improve that, which is why I ascended Perseus with his no-healing buff.
I’m just not sure if a heals 3 is the answer yet…

I would do Ares. He’s awesome everywhere. And on a titan, if you sandwich him between two of the ‘strong’ colors, you will be VERY VERY happy, especially with Wu Kong and/or a defense debuffer.

Do Ares. Please. Dont forgo the most versatile hero in the game.

Ares Ares Ares. Would switch out half my roster for him tbh.

OK thanks guys, Ares it is! :grinning: :+1:

It isn’t just his value as a tank, but his INSANE crit buff vs titans as well, plus attack buff.

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