Ares or Marjana

Hi everybody,

should i level Marjana or Ares first
would like to hear some opinions before I use my 6 rings… took a long time to get them :slight_smile:

many thanks :slight_smile:

20 charact.



There are planty of snipers but Ares is unique.

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Marjana`s dmg will greatly increase after you take her to 4/80 and on the other hand you get no skill improvement if you take Ares, only his stats. I found him very useful on 3/70 with Marjana on 4/80

in my def. team i use grag, alasie, delilah, domitia and khagan… so ares or marjane go to take khagans place…

They are both great heroes, but I’d do ares first. There’s plenty of fast snipers, but there’s only one ares.


Depends on what you use it for. I use Ares and he is great on offense. Marjana is a fast sniper.

If you lack snipers, go for Marjana. If not, definitely go for Ares.

I own both Ares and Mariana, I have vivica as possible healer but I’m missing Delilah. As alternative sniper I have a maxed Lianna but unfortunatly i only have enough materials to ascend one hero to 4…additionally I had the crazy luck to find not one but TWO Zimkitha (last month special hero) and she’s sitting on 3.70…
What are your suggestion for me? Really don’t know what red to max up as only have a few rings and can’t decide!

Insufficient hitters means that Marjana is better for you.

There’s quite a bit of hitters there but not enough ascension items…I have one for each hero but I have yet to use them (except Lianna)

How does your offensive team look like:

Thorne - Colen - Khiona - Hansel - Li Xiu?

I can see you have a Lianna and Zim at the bottom together with Kiril.
Are there any others?

That’s correct, and if you clic on the image it shows you my whole roster.

Try something like the below:

Zim - Melendor - Khiona - Hansel - Lianna

Since your offensive selection is not very extensive, get your Marjana up.
You have Kiril or Khiona to buff your guys.

I am a big fan of color stacking. So with your roster best to stack green as I advised above to optimize your chances of winning. Look for blue tanks when raiding or blue heavy teams. Just not those with red tanks if possible.

When Marjana is up, you can create another red stack team with Zim/Colen/Marjana.

You have a big roster but most are unlevelled so up the below whenever you can:


Get at least a solid color stack team for raiding to get some consistent wins. Rainbow teams have a tough time raiding especially if you dont have 5 strong fast mana heroes with high level troops.

I have been saving up gems for a while and most heroes came up very close to each other’s, hence the fact they’re all unleveled…
What’s so good about wilbur? Didn’t seem anything special to me!
As for Evelyn I thought she was a good/meh hero.
At the moment I’m working both my wu kong for titan damage and Lianne needs to get to 80…

Wilbur is great on offense with his defense debuff and spirit link to a certain extent. He also provides your team with much higher survivability (defense buff and share damage).

The more you play the more you will understand the synergy between heroes.

2 hit combos (example):

Evelyn - Lianna:
will almost kill any single hero since Evelyn also removes any buffs the enemy has and also provides a high debuff against green

3 hit combo (this include buffs/debuffs):

Zim/Khiona - Evelyn - Lianna

4 hit combo:

Zim/Khiona - Wilbur - Evelyn - Lianna

Evelyn is one of the super class heroes with multiple abilities
Hits and color debuffs 3 targets (weak against any green attacks)
Dispels 3 (removes any buffs the enemies might have)
Elemental link (provides some survivability to a green stack team)

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On a simple red stack based on your roster:

2 hit:
Zim - Colen
Wilbur - Colen

3 hit:
Wilbur - Zim - Colen

Marjana can be used to kill off any remaining/most threatening hero and her tile damage is good as well.

Remember to get the sequence right as well if not you will waste some of the abilities.

Sometimes for fun I use the Ares - Wilbur - Azlar - Colen. Almost guaranteed that the opposing team will disappear. Of course the down side to this are the 2 slow mana heroes but its absolutely satisfying to watch.

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I’m assuming I’m still going for Mariana over Ares then?

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Yes. Marjana over Ares.

You can use Kiril or Khiona for buffs.

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