Ares or Gravemaker

Luck is a lady :smile: My gem pulls have been mediocre, but I had a GM pull on a coin in the spring and Ares on an Atlantis pull.

Now I have a dilemma… do I elevate Ares or GM to the final level? I have 7 rings, so the next elevation will might take me approx 10 months.

-> Roster (usable heroes, leveled or in case of magni almost leveled):

4 star

  • Tiburtus/Grimm/Gormek
  • Boldtusk/Kiril
  • Wu Kong
  • Rigard/Melendor
  • Sonya
  • Kellile
  • Chao

5 star

  • Leonidas
  • Ilana
  • Magni (leveling, mats to full ascension).

Yeah I know… Chao, Leonidas and Kellile are mediocre, but it’s what it is.

8 star titans on farm, just downed our first 9.

I definitely need a tank as I’m dropping cups due to my roster without anything sturdy/scary (great offense though).

If I look at the Top players GM seems to be the prefered choice, but Ares is a fine tank and very good at Titans. OTOH, I’m pretty good on the healing part… SOOOO AAGGGGGHHH

What to do?

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Ares impact is huge against non-heroes (titans, quests, etc), way more than Gravemaker.
Gravemaker works well with a solid tank and it is good as a tank himself but Ares is overall more useful.


I love you cause I don’t have Gravemaker but I use Ares. Need more good comments on Ares to make me feel better because this game hates me. 100x pulls and it doesn’t give me GM in June. :laughing:

That’s a great point, however, I’d play devil’s advocate and argue that Ares’s skills could be easily replaced by other attack buffs or a combination of buff/debuff heroes whereas Grave is one of a kind…

That doesn’t seem right… Gravemaker has a fire DOT which quite a few heroes have, whereas the crit bonus of Ares is only copied by Gregorion (which I sadly do not have).

But yeah, the utility of GM is off the scale and Ares gives his full buff already. GM would work on multiple positions, so he won’t be obsolete even with a crazy pull of some unknown super-hero.

That said, I’ll keep on boosting Ares, GM will be second. It might be that I should go for GM, but it’s not as if this will be a terrible decision.

Reason is partly that I do not fear GM, whereas my luck with attacking Ares is pretty bad. I realize that’s due to my particular setup with Rigard, but I always feel that GM is best with good support, something which I currently miss (Ares does come to mind^^).

Now you will see that next time I will draw Guin or Greg (or another terrific Atlantis hero we do know yet) rendering Ares less important, but that’s how it is.

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You couldn’t go wrong in any direction, both are awesome.
If you have (or manage to get) some lvl 11 mana troops and trigger GM special every 6 tiles or 3 ghost, as my friend George Clooney says: what else?


It’s clearly a hard decision :rofl:

But GM is fantastic if paired with a good team, whereas Ares seems to carry a team.

To reiterate… I just attacked two GM tanks. Both got off twice, both battles were won by me. He’s relatively squishy for tank roll, which is NP if the whole team is strong (high damage), but with a mediocre team he’s not enough of scare himself (thats how I feel right now).

I read the same discussion a little earlier and Zero made a good comment about those two which I support:

lol, I’m of the camp that Ares is not really anything to be feared as part of a defense. He’s mostly just in the way and a nuisance at best, for me. As for him on titans, the crit boost could be nice to have but you can have other stacking options like Wu+BT or Tarlak+BT plus add a defense debuff and you can actually cause more damage that way.

Grave’s DOT is second to none. Yes others may have a similar DOT but none of those heroes have ever been able to (in many cases) single handedly wipe out half your team or more… He’s just very deadly. High defense and high tile damage make him way more versatile and value to me than a specialty item like Ares… imo

PS. I think in the end, you need to go with what you need and/or enjoy playing with the most… :grin:

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I just can’t pull GM for the life of me :sweat_smile:


lol, and here I thought everyone got at least 2… He seems to be on every defense out there… I just hate em… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I vote for :fire: Gravemaker :fire:

I chose Ares, GM is next in line.

FWIW, Ares manages to keep 200 cups more compare to my “no tank” situation. Indeed, I don’t drop out of Diamond anymore. He does what I needed him to do, perhaps GM would have done better, but it’s fine as is.

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I find Ares more useful for the things I care most about - titans & events. So for me, the choice was clear.


Ares is not as good in keeping cups as GM, but:

  1. I hit the Top 100 as C2P. And then I drop again, but I am jo-joing pretty nicely.
  2. I became National #1 a few times (and then I get beat down again^^).
  3. I certainly have periods where I actually win cups defending.
  4. Lianna-Ares-Magni is a Swiss-knife attack powerhouse.


  • Ares is simply very good unless the titan is blue or red reflect.


  • Ares makes everything easy. The attack trio Lianna-Ares-Magni evaporates bosses.

Pretty happy with my decision.

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