Ares or Boss wolf

I have Guinevere in the centre of my defense team.
I have boss wolf and Ares, I wish I can put both of them aside of Guinevere as supporters but if I have to choose one, who should I pick?

Guinevere, Delilah, Lianna will definitely be in my team.

One of Isarnia, marjana, and khiona will be added in my team.

Of the two Ares for sure…Boss Wolf is just…not good. If you already have Guin to tank and Delilah as a healer you don’t really need Ares in there to tank as well, Marjana would be better IMO.

Ares doesn’t add much for Guin as a flank. I doubt the heals would stack (never tested), but adding crit \ atk to Guin wouldn’t be ideal when it could be applied to 2 damage dealers.

Boss Wolf would only work as a tank on defense. He wont get a chance to go off anywhere else, even if flanking Guin.

What I am tempted to do is use Boss Wolf as a tank and flank him with 2x Guins.

If i would choose between the two. Ares for sure. But Regen buff don’t stack i guess. But the dmg and crits buff with is good and he is a good defensive hero, average mana. Boss Wolf, not a good hero. Only works as a tank. And his mana is so slow.

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