Ares or Bold for titan fights?


I am a little bit puzzled on titan damage outcome using Ares OR Boldtusk

Been trying both solution but can’t choose which one is better. Maybe there is not an aswer implying boards randomness.
I tripling or doubling heroes depending on colors so my situation is


grimm, jackal, dmg buffer, jackal, wu kong

other colors:

pulverizer, strong color, dmg buffer, strong color, wu kong
throwing in another strong hitter when pulverizing and strong color is the same

So my question is: Ares or Boldtusk in damage buffer position?
I do like big numbers with Ares’ crit increase but when tripling the 3rd hero won’t be buffed
Bold seems a good one becaues he buffs all heroes but I got way less crits with strong color so I can’t understand if it worth or not in terms of raw damege POSSIBILITIES

Any thought/mats/feeling to share?



  • he have better attack, defense and health scores
  • he heal, increase attack and crit chance (self + 2)
  • his heal can be handy even when at full health, to heal future damage

Ares tend to be better than Boldtusk for double strong color teams and no-Wu Kong teams, with 3 strong color teams all comes to the hit chance and the crit chance.
As long as your heroes next to Ares don’t die you could do more damage via critical strikes.
If you heroes tend to dies or could be oneshotted then Boldtusk is better.

With Wu Kong and triple strong color (one less non-strong and strong hero wich gain attack boost from Ares) maybe Boldtusk could be better, so for purples Id go with Boldtusk, keeping Ares for other color titans.


Ares, surrounded by two colors the titan is weak against can create much more damage than boldtusk can buffing the entire team. That and he is a better tank. At a higher level titan Boldtusks healing may recover 1/2 or 1 titan hit. Ares recovers at least 1.5, maybe 2.


Better improve by far your most strong attackers then all 5 without critical.

If you have both Ares and Boldtusk, for Titan i take Ares and for event i probably take Boldtusk (if you don’t use another healer)