Ares needs buff


I have level 70 Ares and level 60 Gormek. Gormek seems to be doing much better on Titans and raids. Am I missing anything? Compared to other Hero of the Month, Ares is super weak. We need to buff him.


Ares and Gormek are for entirely different things, you’d have to compare him more so to a healer than an attack option however typically a 3/70 5* is weaker than a maxed 4*. This is intentional and gives the 4* a fighting chance :slight_smile: He definitely doesn’t need a buff. A maxed 4/80 version of him is quite a different story.


In my opinion Ares doesn’t need any buff, he very strong as he is, you would be surprised what raid matches I managed to win with him.


I think Ares is pretty good already, I don’t think he needs a buff. Why not use both on titan?


I think Ares is a slightly better version of Boldtusk. And Boldtusk surely is not a bad hero.
So… no. He is good the way it is.


You aren’t missing anything - Ares sucks for titans. I have a level 70 myself. I just Elite trained a Scarlett and imagine using her on titan battles over Ares once I get her to a reasonable level given her attack power and special will be better for a titan.


I also use scarlett over ares on titans. If you look a few weeks back in this forum, there’s a whole thread dedicated to an ares discussion. Ive tried all sorts of combos with ares and never got much use from him.


A hero that gives 3 buffs needs a fourth Buff?? Lol.
No just no.
For those of you saying Ares suck especially on titans you might want take a look at how you’re using him. Sounds like a classic case of operator error.


Sucks is a relative term for me. It just means I can hit titans harder with 3 and 4* cards in his place, so it’s not operator error in my case, just relative to my options he’s not a good one.


Actually it looks like Ares could use a nerf. He does 800 healing from 8/8 no matter what his level. All other skills that use a numeric value scale with level. Like Azlar, marjana, sartana, Lady Locke. They are all damage, I don’t think there is a value based heal, only % but still. They only provide the full value at level 80 and skill level 8. Ares has 800 healing on any level as long as he has 8/8 skill. That is a pretty over powered heal on say level 60 for same level heroes.

Design decision or a bug?


no leave Ares alone. it’s weird that Ares the God of war does not attack but supports.


I think, they can remove the heal completely and make the other 2 buffs for the entire team, that might make him more useful. We already have a lot of good healers in the game.


I believe you’ve made the point the design is for level 80 on 5*'s anyway :).

And FWIW, the heal is 1) dispellable, and 2) more valuable when it comes to raid defense (or anything else) on high defense cards… which is not your typical level 60. Of course the buff is more valuable with higher level attack too.

Alt account plays with 4 level 60’s: level 60 opponents with Ares just get face melted even with the buff up… facing level 70’s I need to get that buff dispelled or it can hurt, bad.

Ares has some issues, but the comment that he sucks for titans is just laughable. To be fair I don’t know what my tile damage would be with say BT or Kiril instead (maybe I’ll try the being built Kiril on some random alliance favorable 9* someday just for comparison purposes), but I’m inclined to agree with @Wif that someone isn’t using him correctly.


I have an Ares. He is at 3/70. I love him, cause he is fun to play. His special is unique and weird. Placement in my teams makes me actually think, and I like that. I have a Boldtusk also at 4/30ish also. Ares is not perfect for titans, but he does work at times. He can be placed between the to ON colors to max damage, or between the “other” two heroes to level out there damage. Sometimes I don’t want to think and use Boldtusk. I have done awesome with both, just depends on the rest of my Titan team for that color.

He is my tank on defense right now. Might change, might not

I feel he is fairly balanced. Definitely for skilled players. Don’t feel he needs more or less.