Ares is way too overpowered

Ares needs to be insanely rethought he is way too overpowered to the point it barely makes it an even fight at any level when he is in play. First problem is there are way to many of them. If you ran into one every 10-15 re-rolls that would almost be acceptable but it’s every 3 or 4. For that common a hero he needs to be toned down. Even if all you did was to make his power up slow instead of average would be a huge difference maker to have it more balanced. Or take away the regeneration, make it only for him, something. You can’t take him away so if he is so common you need to dial down the power. There is not one other exclusive month hero I have seen as common.

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Stewy, we need some context to your post to support or disagree. While Ares is very powerful I’m not sure I would say he is overly common. If that were the case more than one person in my 30 member alliance would have him. I only see Ares maybe once every 20 turns in Raids.

What is your level and Trophy count? At what point are you seeing him too often in Raids? Are you retooling when he comes up or facing him. What level is he at where he is too powerful for you to take him on? I really dislike seeing any character nerfed unless it is absolutely necessary. Many of us have built entire teams around one hero and nerfing that hero could destroy an entire strategy. It happened to me the each time they Nerfed Brienne, WuKong, and Boldtusk.

I do agree Ares is difficult to beat, however with the correct setup it can be accomplished. Raids are only one small portion of the game and if you are having too difficult a time with one hero maybe your team needs reworking. I myself could care less about how strong my Raid defense team is. At this point Trophies provide no incentive other than rank on the board or within the alliance listing. It doesn’t seem to have any real use in the game other than who you face in Raids. Maybe you should try lowering your trophy count so you have an easier time with Raiding. At this point I don’t really care if I lose some Food or Iron. I can’t use what I have and it just goes to waste. I consider a lowering my trophy count spreading my excess resources to other players.

The game has it’s flaws however there is no lack of Nerfing by the devs. I am not entirely disagreeing with your statement, however to support you I need more relevant info.


I don’t find it especially difficult to beat teams including Ares. I use two debuffers to get rid of the Ares buffs as soon as they are activated. That said, if my debuffers die before I kill Ares, I’m pretty much game over ;). Disclaimer: I don’t have Ares myself.


Ares as a tank is very strong, i fully agree. But as mentioned if you bring debuffers then he can be taken down. The health regeneration is insanely powerful on defense, because your gems don’t hit as hard. That said, if you look at the top 100 defense teams, this statement is not true. Both athena and Hel are more frequent (source: Overview of heroes used in defense teams of top 100)


Don’t neglect using 2 blue against Ares too as another possible solution.

Ares at 70 is pretty easy to beat in my experience with my equivalent level 70 heroes; Ares at 80 is a different story as when the tank is a full ascension tier above my raid attackers, the stat differential is a big problem.

Same holds true down the line, if you’re running level 60 heroes vs. a level 70 tank it’s going to be more problematic than it would be with equivalently levelled heroes.


I don’t find Ates too troublesome even w/o debuffing. Just be strategic in what you hit him with


I disagree. Ares is not too powerful. As a matter of fact, I’ve beaten him in a raid once or twice. Granted, he is a powerful being, but not too powerful to put him down.

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To be honest, i find much more annoying Marjiana than Ares, expecially in the centre.

And i guess that Alberich is much more common than Ares.

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I also disagree. I have an Ares at 70^3. I lose raids and defenses with him all the time. At the same time I kill him on raids (80^4) all the time. He is tough at that level, but not tougher than all others. He is fun to play, and fun to kill. My $0.02…

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Ares and Hel are the strongest tanks in game and 90% of players in top 100 use either. But both can be countered. But I think both could be taken down a notch. maybe 10%.

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I also find Ares straightforward to beat. I use 2 defense reducers (Gormek fully ascended, Athena level 3) and if the tiles line up and i can get them charged, he falls just like other hero. I also have Caedmon for buff reduction. My nemesis is Li Xu as she slows mana and keeps my approach from working as well.


All you need is caedmon or sonya, then ares special is useless. Granted he has plenty of health but he was hero of the month, no changes required in my opinion, he is easily countered.

Easily beatable if ur team is strong enuff and u do have a de buffer, personally I re roll everytime I see him… everytime.

Ares isn’t hard to beat. Have a hero that has the ability to remove all buffs

Ares is probably one of the weakest heroes on defense. You just have to pick the right team for offense to debuff his special (Sonya, Caedmon, Sabina, etc). He is fine just the way he is. Not too overpowering, but a tank that requires some strategy.

One problem with Ares is there is only one offensive 5* dispeller in game, the Guardian Panther and she is very hard to get. So running a 4* hero weakens your team.

Fully agree. 80 Ares is basically hard to kill without using 2 attacking skills at the same time.

Dont tell me to use buff removers, cuz rarely do 5* heros have buff remover.

Typically facing lv80 teams with Hel or Azlar or Justice as center, a little bit of luck will be enough. But when facing Ares, a large amount of luck is needed

I have a level 70 Ares, and have fought level 80’s. I just adjust my team when he’s in the opponents team. I bring in at least two fast (or very fast in the case of Jackal) 4 and/or 5* strikers and just focus on getting their specials up and then striking both of them at Ares and that does it.

I think people forget that strategy really trumps team power in this game. I learned that the hard way early on.

Are you facing said 80 Ares tanks with level 70 heroes (like I am)?

The math may well be different when I have all 80 heroes and my tile damage and defense is scaled accordingly.

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Domitia, one of he new regular 5* Dark heroes, debuffs target and nearby. A neat match against Ares.

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