Ares, Hood, or the Queen?

Hello all,

I’ve had this question more or less answered but still would like some input since I’m impatient, indecisive, and lucky enough to have to make this hard decision.

I’m at 5 rings and would like some advice on who should be my betrothed for my first red. I’m leaning toward the Queen because she would benefit the most from the stat boost, but she’s furthest from the goalpost which is why I’m hesitating, especially since she’d compete with Guardian Falcon (that I’m hoping to pull in upcoming Teltoc) on blades. Red Hood is amazing but probably shouldn’t be my first given how lackluster she is in most of her roles, and while Ares is amazing and has proven his value, the rings would just benefit him not the team he’s on or my bench whereas Red Hood and Queen of Hearts gain much more because of the stat boosts. Also, I’m flooded on tanks and the Queen can at least hit somebody which neither Hood nor Ares really can.

Here’s my bench. Going to make a bunch of Teltoc pulls, so hard to say where it’ll end up, but I know I’m not going to pull a red more amazing than those three, so that’s not too big of a concern.

image image

I also have a bunch of maxed 3* heroes that nobody cares about.

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I would recommend Ares in the first instance.

He is one of the best Tanks in my oppinion, yes there is Guin and Grave, but either me or you have it in available. Therefore the best option for now.
Ares is also a big thread against titans with his heal and atk+ which is very beneficial in raids as well.

Hood or the Queen should not be used as a tank.
And both are useable in raids and not so beneficial for titans…


Imho Red is tankier than or at least as tanky as Ares due to her special (heals all + mana reduce block) and she’s got excellent stats, too…


A good problem to have. I would also go Ares for many of the same reasons posted. Nice tank, good on titans, and also good for events (that aren’t red reflect).


Another vote for Ares here. I have all three of these heroes in final ascension (Queen is only 4/56) and so I’ve spent a lot of time with each. Ares is by far the best tank you’ve got, and his huge +attack and +crit bonus can supercharge an offense or titan team.



She’s unique, strong, can fill several roles — and it will impact how you build out the rest of your team.

Red plays really well (I love this card) with her but it fine at 3.70 for a while - she’s low damage, and a utility healer that blocks a bit of mana - but if you can’t protect her - she’s not the strongest play

I’d prioritize Wilbur over Falcon if you have him or can get him on blades — falcon does one thing really well in exchange for a spot on your roster; red teams hit harder.

That works best if everyone is already strong - but can be a bit painful if your taking blades away from a generalist.

If you have or can get Wilbur - he makes everything and everyone stronger — and plays really (really) well with the Queen and Hood (and well - everyone else)

So - I’d suggest the Queen, then build out the other 4 colors for a while and let the blades trickle in

(Note - I’m looking at this as building a balanced team that will work well in a couple of areas to get you more mats — the deeper the bench, the more Ares makes sense)

Note that he has a Wilbur at +7.


Missed Wilbur -

Would you wait on Ares until after Avalon?

Depends on how many hidden blades the OP has. Falcon is a better investment.

Is Lancelot that important?

I’m at 3 blades. Umber should be coming up by the end of the month, and there’s a blade in Teltoc unless SGG screws with the tier rewards.

Oh, sorry, I was thinking after Teltoc to see if you got Falcon. Lancelot is not a key hero.


Do you mean Guardians?

Was thinking Gwen (if he doesn’t have) - I forgot Lance existed :slight_smile:

You mentioned tank (assume you meant offensive) but I try to see if something coming up quickly would alter things slightly

Ie - I’ve suggested to a few in alliance to save yellow mats until after Teloc in case they get Jackal


Taking Ares raiding is a lot of fun. Tile cascades just slice through opponents like butter, with all those crits. Add Tarlak for extra spiciness.


I’m not going to bank on pulling Guinevere because of the odds, but I wouldn’t be against it if she dropped in my lap. I’m not short on really strong tanks anyway between Ares, Richard, and a Justice that I’m probably never going to ascend because of the first two.

Since I pulled Merlin already and have a Frida, Avalon isn’t that high a priority on pulls.

I’m already dragging Ares everywhere, and I’ve gotten so used to him that I wonder why I’m doing so poorly when he’s not around (Kiril and Gadeirus and Boldtusk just don’t match up that great), but at 3/70 he does seem a little flimsy if RNG isn’t in my favor.

The only thing that would slow Ares ascent would be Falcon gobbling up the blades since I’m short on good red hitters. I have great support but nobody that can really punch by themselves, but good point that Falcon needs someone to follow up on the strike… and I already mentioned I’m short on those.

I’d love a Scarlett to drop, but it hasn’t happened yet.

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And another vote for Ares.
One of the best Polyvalent/all around hero.
I would recommand upgrading him first to rank 4

  1. very tanky
  2. useful for titan
  3. farming, attack raid. Very good it makes enemy hp go down much much quicker especialy with stack. And the regen buff helps a lot
  4. ton of synergies: ares + wilbur/wukong/Khiona(to cover attack buff for all heroes)…
  5. very good special (big attack buff+crits+regen), just put it on flank or tank. Less useful on rear tho.

@Snowdoggydogg and @Starryeyedgryph do you guys still stand by QoH as the first ringbearer? Would love your guys’ inputs once more.

@Snowdoggydogg, since Qoh isn’t ready for primetime, I’ve been running a modified defense based on what you recommended: Rigard-Hood-Richard-Ares-Caedmon. I get attacked a lot less, even though my center is still pretty weak. I’m super excited to see how many “nopes” I pull when it’s centered by a Hood-Richard-QoH, but that might be a bit off in the future.

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If you have Ares and not ascend him you are evil and not deserve any cookie.

Also you probably go bald.


Well, I don’t want to go bald…


i have ares and the queen and ares is the best in all situations. i can use him on any color titan as my tank, owns in raids, owns in pve, tons of characters to benefit from his stat boost. the queen is nice also but more niche i feel than ares. just my take his heal alone took me to diamind and beyond.

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