Ares buff and crit strikes


So there was some discussion in chat today which spilled elsewhere regarding Ares and how his buff worked.

It boiled down to question for colors, which is done first: the crit calc or the summation of same color heroes for the aggregate tile damage?

Needed something better than this morning’s test so ran 20-4 with Magni / Athena / Ares / Sabina / Kiril, keeping in mind testing with Kiril buff would’ve sucked. Data demonstrates that the crit calculation is done first before the summation, as the standard crit damage is 2x regular strike damage, but it did not come anywhere close to that.

What this means in practice is if you have say magni / athena / ares / joon / wu, and you get a crit on a blue tile from the Ares buff, it is only the damage from Athena for the crit that is then summed with the regular strike damage from Magni… so I wasn’t leaving titan damage on the floor haha.

4 pictures, troop setup (though I probably should’ve put a crit troop in on Athena), couple sanity check hits with the Ares buff up, and then the money shot where the blue crit text flew up.


Interesting test - thanks for sharing the results!

Another question in the same line (don’t have Ares myself): if you have a colour advantage (blue vs red in this case), does the critical buff go over the ‘normal’ damage or over the ‘advantage increased’ damage?

Well this is how I expected it to work too.

Not entirely sure what order it’s done in but it basically doesn’t matter: you get both, and 2 x 2 = 4 regardless of which way the order is.

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I think the bonus is multiplicative, so the damage is quadrupled.Color doubles the damage and then crit doubles that again. Not additive, meaning that color increases it with 100% and then crit by another 100% meaning 100% + 100% = 200% which would make only triple damage.

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Para mi Ares es de los mejores su criticó y aumento de poder ataque a tres colores de tu equipo es una barbaridad q con un buen tablero podrías dejar nokeado en segundo al rival.