Ares and Tarlak Leveling?

I am requesting advice on which heroes to level and the setup of my teams.

When leveling, my priorities are titan, offense, defense, war.

  • Titan team: using defense team, modified for titan color
  • Raid offense is: Tarlak (3.70), Drake (3.70), Ares (3.70), Hel (4.32), Perseus (3.70)
  • Raid defense is: Boldtusk (4.70), Grimm (4.70), WuKong (4.70), Hel (4.32), Gregorian (3.70).
  • War party is defense team
  • Fun time clear map party: Tarlak (3.70), Hel (4.32), Wilbur (1.1), Khiona (1.1), Mok-Arr (1.1)

Below is my 4/5* roster by color, broken down by the following categories: Maxed , Current (the hero I’ve currently chosen to work on), In Progress (made it past ascension level 1 but stopped), and Bench (1-1 unless otherwise noted).

Red (10 blades, 11 rings) - Maxed : Boldtusk, Scarlett. Current : Ares (3.70). In Progress : Elena 1.32, Sir Lancelot 2.15, Boldtusk 1.14, Sumitomo 1.6. Bench : Zimkitha, Colen, Gormek, Wilbur (x2) .

Blue (6 capes, 10 scopes) - Maxed : Grimm. Current : Perseus (3.70). In Progress : Kiril (3.60), Boril (3.60) . Bench: Perseus, Aegir (x2), Krill, Grimm, Sonya, Valeria.

Green (10 Shields, 7 tonics) - Maxed : (none) . Current : Tarlak (3.70). In Progress : Gregorian (3.70). Bench - Lianna, Horghall, Melendor (3.27), Caedmon, Gobbler, Gadeirus, Hansel.

Purple (13 Traps, 2 tabards) - Maxed : (none). Current : Hel (4.32). In Progress : Obakan (3.70), Boss Wolf (3.70). Bench: Mok-Arr, Khiona, Domitia, Proteus (x3), Merlin, Rigard, Cyperian, Sabina

Yellow (11 orbs, 12 darts) - Maxed : Wu Kong. Current : Drake (3.70). In Progress : Vivica (1.18), Gretel (3.60). Bench: Vivica (1.1), Justice, Leonidas, Wu Kong (1.1), Donzaburo, Chao, Li Xiu

My biggest questions are: 1) Are Tarlak and Ares too much in combination with stacked buffs?, 2) I only have 3 Damascus Blades, with 4 currently ready to use, who should I level to 4th tier first? 3) should my lineups change? 4) should I use a Damascus blade on Perseus or wait for my 4xTC20s to release a blue sniper?

Thank you in advance for your input.

Cannot see Wu on defense. Understand he is leveled enough to be that team’s tank, but try getting Viv moving.

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Yes, Ares and Tarlak are most definitely worth leveling!

But First, take Wu out of your raid Defence and replace with Drake. Out of your yellow options, I would go with Maxing Drake, he’s awesome! Fantastic on both Offence and Defence, solid on Titans. Then Viv next for a 5* healer

Next, you have 10 blades, max Wilbur ASAP. Seriously one of the best 4* heros in the game.

For your Blue heros, finish Kiril first. Perseus is a solid hero but not great, definitely better on offence and shines in War (especially Enemy Aid). He’s not great on defence, mainly because AI doesn’t play his special well at all. I’d finish Sonya after Kiril and before Perseus, she’s a great dispeller

Purple, you have 12 trap tools, I would bring up Rigard and Merlin for sure. They are staple 4* heros. I’m actually maxing my second Rigard now, he’s an excellent healer with team cleanser.

Green, you have some tough choices there. Tarlak and Lianna excellent choices I would go with either. Also, Hansel is excellent, you wouldn’t regret maxing him.


What concerns me about my raid offense team is that a) Tarlak and Ares heal overwrites each other and b) only 3 offense slots. I put fast mana in those three slots.

For offense, what do you think about replacing Ares with Zimkitha and Perseus with Grimm? I would have to do some serious leveling of Zim of course…

You might want to vary your offensive team based on the opponent. Stacking against tank or flank color, countermeasures for hero specials in the defence team for example.

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I am starting to learn how to vary offense at the right time. I’m also trying to get my core rainbow team together so that I can very around that dependent on opponent.

I think this will be easier once I have a few more 5* leveled up.

Nice! Stacking definitely gets easier with the more leveled heroes you have, works fine both for 3*, 4* and 5*.

Hey sorry for some reason I didn’t see this post…

Agreed on your comment about Tarlak and Ares, but you eventually want to get to multiple raid teams, depending on the tank color of the heros you are raiding. You have a great base to start color stacking. For offence I usually organize my slots Healer, defence buffer of some sort, 3 fast strikers. Cleaneser or debuffer or both as well. Kinda a loose rule of thumb, I try to pick my teams based on which of my heros specials are best against the other teams heros.

Offensively, you can stack Perseus with Grimm. Fire Grimm first to reduce defence, then strike with Perseus for added damage. Perseus is great against an Ares tank.

Not sure I’d replace Ares with Zim. She’s just ok to me, her initial damage is minimal, you’d be using her more for her attack special and team cleanse. I’m not sure if she stacks with Tarlak, I think she does. Personally, I would max Ares before Zim. Plus Ares is great in Titans, Zim I wouldn’t take on a Titan team.

I know you didn’t ask, but as a public service message don’t max Valeria, she’s awful! The only hero I’ve ever maxed that I wish I could ask SG for my capes back lol

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