Ares and Guin overpowered

I’ve been playing this game for about 9 months and have a decent set of heroes. I’m now at the point where the cups are in the 2400 range so a lot of time I am facing Ares and Guin as tanks in raids. The problem I have with both heroes is if you do not get a board that will ignite your heroes debuf enemies it is basically over. I don’t understand how both of these heroes are not slow mana. For anyone that is going to argue against this look at the majority of the top leaderboards and you basically see either of these heroes with a few exceptions. I understand that this game is about money and if they make desirable characters they will get people to drop lots of cash. However, when a character is so overpowered it just doesn’t seem fair.

My 2 cents worth!


They are just the best tanks, and are beatable

Everything is just controlled by boards and it’s kinda sad because if you get no blue, you will get destroyed


Yes but they are pretty much the only heroes of you don’t kill or get your bebuff triggered as they fire or one turn after it is over. Every other hero you still have a chance of this happens.

The worse part for the players that do not have them, is if you are not p2w (I spend money btw) you have almost 0 chance of getting these heroes and you will always be behind.

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I’m in the 2200 cups range and I face them every now and then. What I do is to just triple on the strong color and preferrably take Caedmon and Zeline/Mel. Hopefully they die before they fire, or if they fire I can dispell them.

Recently got Sonya and Sabina, but When I level those I’ll probably use them as well.

If they fire it’s hard to control though. I also lack Kiril, not for lack of trying to summon him, but I going with 2 healers, dispellers and strong hitters does the job. I just miss some of the healers/dispellers at the moment.

I think Guinn is especially f-ed up though because of her mana reduction. Ares is a bit better in that sense.So maybe slow mana for Guinn is not a bad idea.

Hope this helps.

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zeline cead and mel against ares


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Only 2 of those. I need Zeliene or Caedmon because of the fast dispell. The second one I decide depending on the team I’m facing - could be a second green, could be a BT, or Wu or something else. Now that I have Sonya, I might discard the greens overall. That works for me as only those heroes I own :slight_smile:

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Sorry, i don’t feel like you about that, especially on Ares.
You have plenty of ice defence debuffer, and sonya is simply his nemesi.
Even Gwin after the dark reduction is much more manageble.

I find myself much more in trouble if a tanked Azlar or Isarnia succeed to shot a special rather then Gwin and Ares that i can dispel.


So you are saying that you can win after they fire? Would love to see the real numbers on that. Like I said if you happen to get your special engaged right after they fire you have a chance. But that means you need three matches of blue…hopefully you get 6 of them to hit ares to even have a chance. Where guin is even worse with the 20% mana. I’m not saying they aren’t beatable but almost takes a perfect board to do it.

Azlar and Isarnia are slow mana so generally you can prevent the firing even without a perfect board.

Ares and Guin should be slow mana also.

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They are the current FOTM tanks. Someone has to have that role. Before Ares and Guin were around, there were other heroes that had this place, eh Vivica?. And in the near future, even Ares and Guin will be replaced as well.

It does therefore not suffice to say “they are the most powerful so they are overpowered”. There’s no denying that they are indeed the most powerful. If any hero is even a fraction more powerful than the rest, gamers behaviour dictates that hero becomes FOTM and you’ll see the hero everywhere.

What defines overpowered is being nearly unbeatable. That is just not the case. They are beatable, not easily but there are strategies against them that will work, and luck will help needless to say. And if you have bad luck, it doesn’t matter if it’s Guin or Kashrek against you, you’re going down hard anyway. You’ll bite the dust harder against Guin but the outcome remains the same.

There is one point against the FOTM effect though: it makes for a boring game. Variation is the spice of life.


Sonya is nothing and doesn’t do much to them. I know the color thing says she suppose to but trust me I have her almost max level last ascension and she doesn’t do much damage to them sadly

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Sonya as a second blue seems to be the way to go against Ares. Pair her with a powerful 5* blue, then the tiles do nice dmg and the key point is that Sonya can dispel Ares’ buff.

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Grimm + Sonya vs Ares (if unsure add another blue)
Tiburtus + Sabina vs Gwynevere (if unsure add another purple)

You need a dispel and tile damage, you can work around the board the 70% of the times.


It’s not about the damage Sonya does, it’s about the debuff. Ares is useless apart from the special: Sonya kills the special, so you can destroy Ares without breaking a sweat. And then ghost - game over.


Ares no problem.
Gwin mana cutting is surely more annoying, but still you can place a more “extreme” team with 3 purple and you need only 3 tiles to take her down, dark defence or not.

Generally, i’m not afraid anymore of healers tank.


As I don’t have a 3rd level blue for the moment, I’m doing those with 2 blues 3 greens usually. If I had Sonya and Sabina levelled it would’ve been better, but it still works well most of the time. Just did a video with such raid. Sorry for my sub-optimal comentary I am really sleepy as I decided to pull an all-nighter for reasons.

@maliciousbuthot as @Brobb said it’s all about those dispells :slight_smile:

Agree with the others regarding Guinn - the problem there is the mana reduction which can be terrible especially if your board is shitty to begin with.


There you have it folks! An Ares take down, with 3 greens, after he has fired. And Mr.Duck did not even break a sweat.

As with everything else in this game this is all about tactics, tactics, and tactics. :slight_smile:


i agree both are manageable but after the guin hysteria last event it would be an outbreak if SG nerf Guin to slow mana. Kinda love to see that :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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3 tiles or 3 matches of 3? Yes you can definitely take her down with 3 matches of 3 but if you don’t get 9 purples to match up that war is over. They are simple to kill with a great board, the problem is you should be able to have a chance to beat them without a great board and I would love to see a video of someone doing just that.

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If I may add my two cents here…I won’t argue that both of these heroes present challenges to most (all?) but as you’ve already heard, they’re still just another hero and no hero is perfect. Having these tanks at high level game play is a way to keep those spots for the “elite” or more experienced players if you will…It’s going to be tough raiding at this level, but then again that’s exactly why its so limited. If it was easy everyone would do it.

I too, used to think that there were very overpowered heroes (Ares for one) until I fought them so much that I developed a strategy against them. And yes, I still lose to these teams from time to time, but who doesn’t. I now welcome the challenge, and where I still find myself skipping them from time to time (sometimes you’re just not in the mood for Ares/Guinevere/Alberich) I don’t particularly find them unbeatable. Many people have offered many techniques and suggestions. I’d say go out looking for these heroes and try to master your attack. Just remember that we’re all still at the mercy of the board, so there’s that.

I for one still despise Alberich…I already know that if I don’t dispose of him quickly it might just be over for me. It seems unfair to kill all these other heroes just to have Alby bring them back to life, lol. What’s worst, they come back with full mana ready to execute their special. WTH ! ? But such is the world we live in.

Happy raiding !


Was talking of 3 tiles after she shot her special.

Let’s say you need at least 6 in the run to have a chance. But thats pretty much what you need for every good tank. No miracle boards, just a “normal” board.

As we all know she is the best central in the game, but 3 good purples are more then enough most of the time. (2 if you have Panther)

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