Arena battle suggestion

Hello and thank you for improving your game Empires and Puzzles. I really appreciate new feeds. I’d like to suggest sounds in new arena raid battles. For example :
1.when battle starts, there’s applauses or shouts
2.when a heroe does a strong attack or there’s combos, shouts or applauses sound.
3.Finally, when there’s victory; applauses, whistles or disappointment sound when there’s a defeat
What do you think about that ?
Thank you for your feedback

I vote for moans when you win and farts when you loose :face_with_monocle:

Perfect to play in the office.

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Loool you must be joking @Elpis

I play with the sound off (great for sneaking in game time early or late. I like the shouts of approval sound idea, but it would be moot for me.

What do the rest of you think? :wink:

@Rook It’s moot. I sometimes play without sounds when I record for explanations. Wiv shouts, whistles and applauses that would be exciting. Don’t you think so ?

I like the idea, but there needs to be a toggle for whether you want to hear your fans or the foe’s fans.


I prefer to play with the sound off as well. It is a distraction for me. :blush: Some people like bells and whistles, and people saying good job and cheering.

I already said I liked it. I just wouldn’t use it. :slight_smile:

The music was enjoyable for me at first, but got wearing with the lack of variety after a while. A user choice option from a player’s own tunes on their device or just more variation of the ingame music would be nice. Maybe have additional tunes available as event or mission rewards, or for gems.


Yeap this would be good too to vary music in gameplay @Paulon

I think both would be good though. Fan and foe !

Not bad the toggle @Kerridoc, it would be good to put that button for wanting fans sounds !

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