Are you Too Chicken? Merc Needed!

Guardians of Terra Alliance is facing our most fearsome foe - a 6* Dragon Rooster!

It’s a bit beyond us, so we have a place for a high powered Merc to fly in and save the day!

And you’re welcome to stay, if you like the vibe :slight_smile:

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I’m waiting for a space

Thanks @TheBully. I’ll see if we can make room…

Let me know when there is space and I lost my alliance war score/ loot as I left once already to help

@TheBully we made another space.

Someone jumped straight into the first one, so we were full again.

Sorry if it messed you around :disappointed:

Bully has been and gone, if anyone else wants to jump in :grin:

I joined. Game name Percius…

Thank you everyone. The e&p community never fails to impress!

@Rook or @Coppersky, can you close the thread, please.

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