Are you tired of bad leadership or inactive players? take a look inside

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9 days in on our new gild and already playing ball with 4 stars lizards . So if you are in the same situation we were … come over and grow with us … plenty of slots . We are not aiming to be a top 100 alliance yet … but we’ll get there . So if you just wanna have fun , make friends, and have a good time ( all that with a good leaders that always gonna have your back ), reply this thread or look for me on line ( ID : raduk_o ) in order to arrange your safe passage … because our crew is instructed to reject all new applicants until further notice .
Until now , I can proudly say that EVERYONE had their piece of the spoils on the titan, no matter if you just begun or are a heavy hitter . Or alliance is misfit valhalla , check us out .

one Spot filled … plenty more to go … welcome Metalunatic ! … and you ? … are you coming?

good hunt !

Hi Raduk! I’m closing this thread and leaving Zebra’s open per your request. Happy hunting!

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