Are you serious?

It should be like that guin pack where you choose your own 4*AM. You choose what coins you want. The fact that they even included silver coins in this…

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And why is this pack coming back anyways. Did people really buy this? Then SG saw the number of sales this pack generated and decided to bring it back as a regular pack?

It’s actually 24, not 27… there are three gray tokens, which most certain are not worth 1,22 €… ummmm… should have read the next post before writing this :grin:

Enough must have bought the pack last month, for them to bring it back.

Or maybe they are testing it again for a more definitive gauge on consumer response.

I play this game for 4 years in a few month. I never played any other game for more than a month.

But however I stopped buying offers above a few bucks a while ago, since there’s absolutely no return on invest but lots of fun.

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