Are you serious?

Again, I’m not wrong. You clearly don’t understand RNG and how running 30 single pulls on a row vs 3 in this game works.

SG should offer more between 10-15 bucks offer as much more players afford to purchase…i think majority still consider 30 bucks is beyond their a week budget…

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If we’re going by anecdotal evidence, then clearly single pulls are the way to go. It seems that every time someone in my alliance pulls something good, it’s on a single pull. Conversely, everyone’s reported 10x and 30x are filled with vanilla s3 garbage.

The odds don’t change just because you clump rolls together.

And, yes, I do understand RNG; I’ve written plenty of scripts and programs that use it. I’ve seen the streaks and clustering, and i’ve seen results scattered hither and yon. Though I will admit I’ve never written a pseudo-random number generator.


Sigh. He talked about 3000 coin offer, not 3000 gem deal. Ie 30 pulls. Which has same price (at least in my country). And there is no 3000 gem ToL offer, so far anyway. So that implies he has to use it in ToL, because those are coins.

Second, how did you come up with 0.968 in your equation? Many portals have different rates of pulling non-S1 5*, ranging from 2.3% (Ninja, Challenge, 1% ninja/challenge hero or 1.3% HotM) through S2-S4 (1.6% SX + 1.3% HotM) to ToL.


This is the type of deal I would typically buy if I wasnt on a current pull hiatus till I level what I have.

I go by number of pulls for the money. My go to purchase is mainly the 30 pulls for £28.99 on ToL as I dont have a large number of the past Hotm’s and I have gotten a number of them and some missing S1 from that.

Any time it works out as a pound or less a pull i value it highly. The ability to space pulls out with this offer also appeals to me. But not this time round.

I mean strictly from the point of a $/pull perspective yes this is correct. At a flat rate of $1.25/pull this is better than the deals offered at any portal EXCEPT Tavern, where the $30 deal for 30 pulls gives a flat $1/pull and is actually the better deal (it also gives 10 WE flasks which makes it an even better deal)… Also I believe one of the ninja offers gives 10 pulls for $10, so that’s also a marginally better deal.

However I feel like what’s being missed here is this deal gives only coins and no gems. Dunno about you, but I value gems a lot more since they’re the universal currency and you’re not tied down to using them in one specific portal or even using them for summons for that matter. (eg AL10A and 10B each have a gem cost to use, as does skipping chests)


Same, but I give myself a limit one event per month where I can spend more (this month it was Starfall Circus), otherwise I can buy only cheap deals that are great (500 underwild coins fro $5, 400 gems and 25 coins from Atlantis per $2 etc). The reason to limit my spending and pulling because I also have ton of 5* that won’t get ascended ever already.

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I’ll take experience over “let me tell you how it works even though I’m about to admit I’ve never actually written anything like this program”. :man_facepalming:t2:

When pulling people think the draw % is the only thing at play. I highly disagree. From experience. RNG runs hot and cold per individual. You think it’s by chance you get 3-4 of the 4* ascension mats in 2 days while the rest of the month runs dry? The odds are the same everyday. :thinking: The reality is that when you run pulls you are filtering through individual RNG at the same time. If you think RNG is solely limited to one specific thing then you are not paying attention to the system as a whole.

Yeah, I still have Neith, 2 Musashis, 2nd Poseidon, Roostley, Bai Young, Raffaele, 2nd Frida, Magni, Kadilen, Baldur, 2nd Tyr, 2nd Anzogh, Khagan, Elena and Azlar to do and that’s not even counting the heroes I already have at 3/70 new heroes are not something I need currently.

Gem spend now is all troops till I have most of that lot at 3/70

This is a game where users find proper spending 3$ on a single pull.
Of course devs think this is a suitable offer: it’s way below economical average will to accept, so they presume lots of people are buying such a ‘great offer’! :laughing:

(And I trust they’re right)

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Tbh my first instinct when I saw this offer was Really? For $30 you don’t even have the decency to remove those 3 silver tokens? Wow what a god awful :poop: offer from the generous devs at SG!

Now that I’ve actually crunched the numbers, I see this as more of “golden turd” deal. I mean it’s still a turd, but a shiny golden one nonetheless. So… :man_shrugging:


Looks like this will be a monthly staple.

I think that There is already a thread on this topic. Please search for that thread.

Um, this is that thread


It’s inception all over again

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Lol :+1: thank you 20 characters

I literally laughed when I saw this offer, did the mental maths and realised there was not a material discount on any kind. 3 of any token is unlikely to be rewarding given the odds.

Sales and Marketing fail.

Yeah my initial p2p thought was like “30 special pulls? Cool”
But then I looked closely and went full NOPE. Maybe if it was ten pulls per category, I’d buy… But normal tokens? No thanks

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300 pulls for 29 bucks? yeah when pigs fly…

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Month later I still think giving this offer the same price tag as the event-specific offers have is terrible idea.

Event specific, I can aim to pull particular featured hero I like and know. Pulls can be done immediately.

With this 3 per event you need to wait weeks for some of the events. In most cases you have no idea who is going to be featured. Even if you know, 3 extra pulls per portal is basically a double of what you farm for free so you’d need to be extremely lucky anyways. And in the end, all the “big pulling excitement” is basically lost, even though you pay for big pulling.

Price should be cut in half for this if they want to tempt me. There’s just too many downsides to this to have a regular offer discounted summon price.


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