Are you serious?

I think the most hilarious thing about this offer is the hero they are using to sell it!
“Yes you will have a .2 percent chance to pull me, Morgana!” A hero that has been left behind in today’s power creep.

But there are certainly some funny memes floating around, so I guess that this offer did provide a bit of cheer for a community that needs it…


It’s really simple here, no gems no talk. And why are silver tokens even in here in the first place? They’re free everywhere. Gotta ensure that superstitious silver coin method works in your favour :smirk:

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You shouldn’t. Stop giving bad cometary and advice. This deal is garbage

So are they finally going to change this:

Or are you going to buy and when the portal is available seriously believe that you have free pulls? Haha :joy:

The price of this offer is more than what I would buy a game for.

Are there good Comets to give? Haley’s Comet is a good omen I think.

But I digress. The deal is garbage to you, so don’t buy it.

On a pure $ to number of summons it’s actually good value in the context of the deals offered


People stop. Are you insane? Top AAA game on PC, PS or XBOX cost 60$! Here you buy nothing for 30. You even don’t get guaranteed hero.


They usually pay 2-3 dollars but they don’t realize it they just keep hitting the button… sorry facts

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This is very, very bad. They sell us not even the air for millions dollars.

it´s an amazing offer you can get 3 season 1 heroes from 8 different portals!!! not mentioning you’re paying almost 1 and a half euro for 3 silver coin pulls and 3 troop pulls. lmaoooooooooooooooooooooo this is ridiculous.


Comets, comment. It basically the same coming from you. :man_shrugging:t2:

Yet again, you’re surface, I’m depth. From a “pure numbers” stand point, what’s your chances to get a good hero in 3 pulls? Yep, about .01%. Stop with the $1 per pull. That’s an illegitimate concept to push. In the end it another S1 3* feeder circus. That’s the truth.

Now the 3000 coins from the ToL offer, that’s an offer worth looking at for $30 and it actually has a decent chance to pull something valuable for a large group of the community. This current deal does not off a “pure numbers” perspective.


This player gets it. Well done :+1:t2:

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We must be in a paddling pool then…

You know I’m right. It’s ok. Part of wisdom comes from admitting you’re wrong.

Btw, if you need tutoring I’m happy to teach. My rates are much better than SGs. :sunglasses:

I see mannnnny Dawa and Bane there :laughing:


You seem to think that the odds of “getting something decent” are better if you pull more in one portal vs pulling an equal number in multiple portals.

You are wrong.

The odds are the same either way — and for 24 or 30 pulls, the odds are that you won’t get anything.

For reference, those 3000 gems get you ~11 pulls in a portal, which is a bit under half the number of pulls you get from this.

I’m not buying either, but the numerical illiteracy here is astonishing.


For a new players with small benches, this is a pretty good deal.

For older players, it probably isn’t that great.


He’s right in this case though. ToL portal has the best prob for getting non-S1 5* at 3.3% by virtue of having only 0.6% a shot at S1 5*. Every other portal is worse in this regard. So of course using pulls only in that portal would give better results.

Now, the different question is whether ToL heroes are the ones one wants. Alberich, Athena, Hel or Miki are great. Thoth-Amun, Perseus and Noor are not.

Which also reflects a partial problem with this offer: it’s spread and you can’t use coins wherever you want, unlike gems. But it’s not the worst offer by any means, though I will ignore it because of the spread.

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This should be the sobering comment for all mobile games really…I’m surprised people even make PS/XBox games anymore. The real money is from suckers playing mobile games. I paid $5 for an Ori game with amazing graphics and gameplay. Granted it was only ~15 hours of play time, but c’mon, these prices for pulls are just ludicrous. I’m just filling time while on the toilet or laying in bed with E&P. Prices are outlandish.


He didn’t say he was pulling from ToL, just buying the offer. But, hey, we’ll go with that… and even ignore that the extra 0.1% is Mystzero.

The odds for pulling a 5 from the 3000 gem deal, all in ToL, is 1-(0.967)^11, or ~31%.

The odds of pulling one with this deal is roughly 1-(0.968)^24, or ~54%

So he’s still wrong.

This ignores whether or not you find any given portal valuable. If you don’t, then the odds change, but I suspect that’s not an issue for nearly anyone in this discussion.


My roster would beg to differ grasshopper….

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