Are you serious?

Lol, are you serious? 30 times still having more chance on s1 heroes crap then actually nice special heroes. That only for 33 euro’s

Did you bumped you’re head?


27 hero summons for 33€ equals 1,22 per pull. This is a very good ratio. If you don’t like it - don’t buy it…


24 hero summons if we don’t count grey and troop tokens.


Problem with this offer is that they are all scattered.

Normally when I do 30 pull (or 24, as really, troops and grey tokens play in a different league) I have about 1 in 4 chance that i am going to pull something worthwhile. And I can control whether that is a ninja, atlantis or valhalla hero.

With this offer, I can not control it. It could be any of these. So if I want to plan about where I want to summon this is not worth my time. I may have all the Atlantis heroes I want, I may not want to summon in seasonal events etc. The event-targeted offers give me much better chance and pulling whom I want at this price tier. Not to mention I have to wait days, even weeks for each event to use these, and it comes with 0 gems. It should have lower price due to this drawback.

If this offer was within 10 USD tier it would be decent one, a nice value for what I can get. Like this, it is a joke of an offer, totally not worth the price. Which is ok, more money in my pocket. Just recommend everyone to reconsider before buying it. Better buy the 30 USD one at Ninjas and have 23 pulls at the most OP portal, rather than paying same amount here and pulling Gregorion or Mokarr from the 24 pulls you get.


Completely agree with this.

30 summons seem like a lot but then if you divide them per portals… not a good deal at all. Should be like half of the price to be attractive enough, especially for new players. Or include at least 2k gems.


Silver tokens? It’s a joke? :slight_smile:

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It was 30 minus the 3 silver … 27… math is hard. This is actually cheaper then using gems (bought gems)

Reg cost a us penny a gem and summon is like 300 gems.

Summon normal price like 3 bucks a summon (us )

But you can find gem sale for .05 or less a gem (the vip that’s on sale now is .03 us - 3.99 for 1200 total gems)

Ok so that being said the cheapest you can summon out of the premium portals is $1 (us) a summon …

Ok basically saying … most people sit there and hit the times 30 button for 2-3 dollars a summon. Over and over and over again…

This is a good deal for a whale or a casual or a cheap to play…

If your free to play, then of course it’s a good deal :joy::joy::joy::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

They finally found a deal that was so good that the whales even don’t like it. This is funny!!! Love you alll lol!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

This sale is unfortunately brilliant haha

I see it like 30 silver tokens and ignore the pop up :joy:


This is NOT a good ratio. You are only looking at the surface which is exactly how these gotcha games get you. Dig deeper. Be better.

The breakdown is 3 pulls for each event. That’s NOTHING. Considering the odds you are very likely to get absolutely 0 worthwhile heroes from this offer.

I’m glad the OP posted this. It is without a doubt the WORST offer I’ve seen on this game. I wouldn’t recommend ANYONE buy this. You’d be better off taking $30 and using it as toilet paper.



Minus other 3 tokens wich won’t give you any hero, you see… troop tokens can’t award heroes.

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How does this compare to other deals in terms of cost per hero summon?

Because 21 pulls (not including the gold bronze and silver tokens) from different portals has less chance than 21 pulls from the same portal? Wow… brilliant reasoning. Simply brilliant.

3 * 350
3 * 350
3 * 350
3 * 300
3 * 350
3 * 300
3 * 350

(I think those are the costs)

That is the equivalent of 7050 gems. In Australia the most common decent gem deal (not the best, not the worst) is 200 gems for $1.50. 7050/200 = 35.25 * 1.50 = $52.88. So at 46.99 AUD this deal is actually slightly better than the regular deals, with the bonus of some regular portal and troop portal pulls. It is a decent enough deal if you are happy to do scattered pulls. If you want to focus on specific portals, it is not for you. I don’t think it is enough of a saving for me to get it personally, although it is certainly nowhere near the

There have been far worse - as recently as the premium POV!

Facts matter.


I see. Ok $1.25 a summon
(plus bonus troops)

Still a great deal

$1.25 for regular card) lol

Someone in my alliance who tracks this stuff reckons it’s the second best $ to summon deal in the game.

I don’t pay that much attention but if he’s saying that I believe him.


I agree on the surface this deal is a mess. But if you are collecting all the other tokens anyway, this will supplement those allowing you to do 3 extra pulls the next time you summon in that portal.
So consider costume chamber, You get 2 each time, this makes it 5 and I normally get enough keys to get 2 or 3 summons a month from chests. So that is helpful to some.

What this deal truly highlights and makes glaringly obvious is the sheer number of different portals and summon currencies. It is ridiculous that there are 10 different ones, soon to be 11 with the magic tower. It would be so nice if all were combined into one currency and you can spend them at whatever portal you want.


Just wait for better offers and ignore it.


But that would be a QOL improvement and we can’t have that, now can we? :wink:

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Who ever buys its let us all know how many 3* you get from it.


Exactly the same number of 3* you’d get from tokens from any other source, of course; which is to say, nearly all of them!