Are you serious - counted 17 red tiles against green titan

just back from titan-fight and frustrated once again…

why are there that few red tiles to battle a green titan? i was counting exactly 17, and 5 of them were left behind untouched on the screen when the battle was over!

i was hardly able to charge fast heroes like marjana and kelile before they get killed…

but the titans mana was pumped up twice by useless tiles counting just one’s of course…

i’m not willing to do titan-fights with a 5-color-team to do some damage, that’s ridiculous!

and no, i don’t want to use 5 mana-flasks plus 5 healing- potions each titan-battle neither…

how i’m supposed to do some serious damage against a titan or against a tank like guinevere or gravemaker with that low number of matching tiles?

it seems to be a general problem nowadays… doubling or tripling a color causes extreme low numbers of suited tiles in most situations…

in raids it’s the same: since acouple of weeks it’s quite normal to loose the first fight and by doing the rematch the board runs on it self with two 10x-combos and it’s done, you’re victorious…

somewhere between these two extremes would by very nice and it would bring back some fun to the game…


I have 6 blue tiles in red titan fight, I deal 7500 damage, this is RNG, you must live with this beacuse game is basic on RNG

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Colour stacking is a gamble, and it can pay out big, leave you frustrated, or anything inbetween. Have you tried 3/2 teams? Which cut out the major jackpot possibility, but seriously diminish the chance of an epic fail.


17 tiles? That’s a lot more as I get. With active wu and 4 red hereos that should be at least 34k dmg

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They will tell you that its RNG (i believe it’s actually psuedo-rng), it’s comfirmation bias, that you are looking for certain tiles, even though it doesn’t change the fact that you actually got that many tiles, see RNG, or it’s your imagination. I wish i had the time to sit there and count up all the non stacked color tiles to show for certain but i don’t so I’ll just have to file it as a sneaky suspicion and keep on keeping on but be assured you aren’t the only person to feel this way.

The feelings are absolutely valid. I totally get the frustration. The truth, however, is contrary to the beliefs declared by the OP. You’ve gotta check out these two research projects done regarding color stacking and tile color. If that doesn’t convince you of its randomness, then nothing anyone’s going to say will ever convince you of anything. Truth’s out there for those with eyes open to see it.


Raids and Titan are two different things but i get what you are saying. My thing i tend to see is the first couple boards have no matches for the three colors i use then after the war is lost the tiles you need start to show up. What leads me to think that it is just random is what is their (SG) motivation to make it not random, there is none, it’s not like they are protecting their wonderful loot from you, you will get the mushroom and strings whether you defeat the titan or not, it’s just the amount that will change. I vote that it isnt being manipulated for that reason, but it sure does seem like it sometimes

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The more frustrating the experience, the better we tend to remember it. We’re just wired that way.

I’ve collected tons of data, and I’m very confident the boards are random.

But when I get bad runs of tiles at inopportune times, my gut still says “that’s not fair, that’s not really random.” So I totally understand how you’re feeling.

One of the advantages of recording everything is you can go back and cross-check what your gut is telling you, across a meaningfully large sample.

I’m pretty confident there’s no order preference in war for good or bad boards. Here’s my first battle from the most recent war, for example, where the tile gods were taking care of me pretty well :slightly_smiling_face:


At first i thought you talking about 17 red tiles on the starting board and finally it was a topic of someone enjoying the random :joy:

Nope, too good to be real.


17 seems fine, I’d be happy with that.

colour-stacking is, always was and will ever be, a big gamble…:game_die::game_die::game_die:

but sometimes it’s that frustrating… :triumph::thinking::zipper_mouth_face::angry::dizzy_face::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

and i have to agree with thoth - in this cases you remember the bad-luck-times much better…

luckily it´s in real live the other way ´round…:face_with_raised_eyebrow::blush::grinning:

Had a yellow titan earlier. Made 4 red diamonds, 2 green, and 1 blue. Scored 5k with what seemed like 50 combos lol… sometimes the matches are just the wrong color. Laugh and move on. I’ve had it the other way too, every time I break 90 or 100k.

A mate from alliance went mono holy against a dark titan. His score was 33. 33 non holy tiles.

33 !!! :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream: :scream:

i think that would be the moment of giving my cell-phone its first flying-lession!!!

did he tried again mono-coloured? i did and in let´s say 3 out of 10 times it worked out realy nice… :sunglasses:

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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