Are you ready for the Path of Valor?

Look for Phoenix Song with MissyLou as the leader. We’re laid back and fun. We fight 6 & 7 star Titans. War is always optional as long as you opt out when you can’t use all 6 flags. You must hit the titan once a week (preferably daily). We have plenty of experience, and we’re willing to help newcomers grow. Come check us out!

Good luck in finding an alliance for you!

Come for the food; stay for the fun!

This is a medium commitment alliance. We enjoy real life as well as the game.

We got a new member today. Welcome Deathrow!

@JDawg1 did you & your hybby figure out how to join an invite only alliance? Let me know if you still need an active alliance.

Hello, my alliance has started to dwindle off but we still have 4 active members looking to join another alliance. Our levels are 34-51. Our trophies are 1600+ and we would love to join your alliance

You are amazing! We’re a great alliance and you’re all welcome to come on over.

Unfortunately my leader isn’t eager for a merger after the drama we just experienced. Four people ended up leaving because they wanted a more active alliance. There’s no more drama, but it would take about two months before your current leader got co-leader title (very likely anyway). I’m happy as an elder myself.

If this isn’t what you wanted to hear, I totally understand! Other alliances will drool over you too if you just make a post. Good luck either way!

Phoenix Song

We are an active alliance btw. We just allow people to be gone for days at a time bc of life. We all hit the titan regularly and aggressively otherwise.

Sounds good! Don’t worry about drama we just want a place to go where we are not constantly struggling for numbers. I am actually the current leader and I have no interest in fighting for a leader position. Just want to participate and have fun! I will have my teammates request to join!

Sweet! In case it’s not obvious: you’ll have to leave your current alliance first. Then search Phoenix Song (lead by MissyLou) and request to join. Someone will accept you soon.

Welcome to our 4 newest members! We’re taking on a 7 star Titan. Phoenix Song all the way!

We’re growing!

Who ya gonna call? Ghost Busters!

Anyone else like that song?

@Biege.Panther did you find an alliance yet? We’re happy to have you if you haven’t.

:fire: Phoenix :fire: Song

Bedtime? Just a few more minutes!

Good morning, everyone!

Mr. Pain challenges you to join our alliance!

If you want 6 & 7 star Titans, plenty of war opportunity, and a peaceful alliance, come check out Phoenix Song. We’re ready for the upcoming Path of Valor!

Phoenix Song is a global alliance.

Hell yeah, I am!!!


Wait. Was that a rhetorical question?

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