Are you my mommy?

Basically looking for an alliance who are killing 14* titans every day, but not slaying them within 10 hours… Ultra relaxed war strategy is a must - I’m very active and will always use flags but am not really into following too many rules of who to attack and when to attack.

Political incorrectness and lots of fun preferred.

I have everything I’ll need to meet your requirements.

If it sounds like your alliance will be a fit, jump in an airship and get my attention with some smoke signals.


lmao .

Dude, you need Mama Bear! Founder and CEO of the Shop Family, leader of One Stop Titan Shop, a top 100 alliance.

OSTS chains 14* Titans on the daily, and we have some of the most inappropriate chat available.

OSTS is definitely adults only (for reasons) and Line is required. Come chat with your new Mama, line ID is mama…bear (two dots) and spend some quality time in her office. You won’t regret a moment of it.


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