Are you joking?

I would like to know why in special attacks the maximum damage I cause is 900 and when they attack me I suffer 1200/1500 damage

@Guvnor, OP has a legitimate question but foreign language section would be a better fit. Maybe they’ll get their answer there from some italian speaker.

Looks like it’s all been edited now :slight_smile:

Yes, sure looks like it

Defense team gets a flat +20% bonus to attack (and thus damage).

It’s a vestigial thing, and removal of that is way overdue, but we have to live with it for now.


You’ll have to be a bit more specific than this, as for the concrete circumstances of these things happening, to get a satisfactory aanswer. But, as a general guide line, the amount of damage caused by a special skill is influenced by a series of factors like emblems, troops, active buffs and debuffs, 20% hidden bonus to all stats for the defense team and last, but not least, a random damage multiplier applied to every individual strike may it be tiles or special skill. If you’re interested in details, there are some threads about damage calculation around the forum. Just look for them.


Hi, if you need an answer or a translation in Italian just tag me and text here :wink:

If you don’t what @Ian487 said is a complete answer :+1:

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