Are you having trouble with food and iron management?

  • hunters lodge
  • food storage
  • farm
  • house

And still have all those on 1 and have to do mine and iron storage… and upgrades

Same time I just got sechat…

I am now upping

  • Queen of hearts (3 51, no more plans for red yet)
  • Ranvir (4 73) then Drake
  • lianne (4 75) then Greg
  • Aegir (4 8) then Athena
  • Seshat (1 15) way after that continue proteus

Just lucky my ally exploded yesterday so I don’t have to care for mats (ally was on 12 stars and we now are 7 people)

Need all the ham and iron I can get…

More with same problems?

Not really, I’m rainbow training with slow trainings and I’m not having resource shortages.

I’m sorry for your alliance :frowning:
Are you going to stick and rebuild it?


Iron: only just after SH21 was finished. Now the building times are long enough, so that two builders can do their work and there’s still iron left to build harpoons.

Food: If I need more, I just swap between TC11 and 20 :wink:

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We’re making it a chill ally. Z.E.N. was near top 100 but we’re going to a more relaxed state as it looks now

Just wanted to say, sorry about your alliance :cry:

Back to the OP.

I didn’t have any issues for along time, but I only have 1 builder.

I’m now having it briefly, since I did the HUnter’s Lodge before the Advanced Food Storage - oops.

I’ve got all of Mine/Farm/House/ Iron Storage/Food Storage converted now, and am researching harpoons. working on regular farm/mines while I accumulate a reserve again.

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