Are you considered an addict?

A little too close to home, @Rook, a little too close to home.


Sounds like it that I look on de mirrow

  • When your spouse (or BF/GF) asks you if you like that game more than them and get in the doghouse for answering too slowly…

yes … i’m a game addict ep

  • Your fingertip gets worn down a bit to where the color match combo you were trying to do failed because the tablet/phone didn’t move in the direction that you intended.

  • You speak profanity following the previous reason…


What I am trying to say here is yes, I am somewhat addicted to this game, but it is not because of the game presenting me with drips of small amount of success… Because in comparison to a large number of F2P who posts here talking about their progress, I’ve been largely “unsuccessful.”

My addiction to this game is largely the grinder aspect and see how I much I can achieve by F2P using the in-game elements, so I don’t have find myself telling the wife one day that we have to sell the house because I spent a fortune on a mobile game called Empires and Puzzles and couldn’t pay the mortgage.


Hey we have very similar motivation.

When did you start and how far have you come ?

Hey there, I wonder if it was the dopamine comment that triggered your question? But not to divert too much away from the thread. I started playing E&P since January of this year and thus far have spent $0.99 in this game. In terms of how far, it’s all subjective and every one has different view point.

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You need to tell my husband that it is possible to play well without paying… But alas… I’m already packing, waiting for the announcement​:grin::joy:

:smile: Well… Let’s hope it really doesn’t come to that and hope there are no other mobile games he is playing.

How “well” one is doing in a game such is this in the eye of the beholder. My style of playing this game will probably antagonize those that wants to stay ahead of the pack to no end. My idea is that there are already people doing that and there is no way I’ll catch them, I am not being penalized for playing for the cheap / none, so I just don’t bother using anything beside what the game gives me.

Just for some reference point, I am now getting close to 1 year and 2 months of playing this game, and I just finished my 4th TC20 (running 3 on 20 and the last one will be my feeder creator) and I did this without a single purchase of the VIP Pass. This last portion is doable, and have been that way even for paying players who did it before VIP pass came along. I have no event/seasonal/hotm heroes. But I do have a handful of 5* heroes, all homegrown (they all came from TC20)

Another way I look at it with in regards to heroes is like how I view Cell Phones. Good for the basic calling when needed. Browsing data for researching is nice, but playing games are extra. Each new HoTM is like a newer, shinier phone/tablet that probably just had some minor changes (sometimes aesthetics or some minor parts swapped out) and calling it an upgrade that is just begging for people to line up and camp at the stores just so they can get it. While it is nice to have, it is not essential. The difference is that there is a somewhat of a guarantee that if you shell out the money, you’d get your hands on that phone, but for the heroes, you throw the money in, outcome is not guaranteed, and both, especially the latter, can cause a great deal of buyer’s remorse. You can return that phone, but you can’t take back your summon results.

Any way, I am not trying to change the way on how you or your husband choose to enjoy this game, setting a budget and sticking to it is a good practice to have. But would like to point out that, the majority of the features in this game are doable with in-game features that just takes patience and will to achieve, unlike some other games where you’d eventually have to pay to progress. If this is one of those games, I’d probably have quit a long time ago.

Empires and Patience

F… I have even more addiction symptoms :open_mouth:

  • You set alarms for battles (more than once) during the day

What about alarms in the middle of the night so that no WE, RE, or TE is wasted?

Let’s hear them! :slight_smile:

Reading and posting here to wait for we.
Stand up 1 hr earlier before work to not waist any resources.
Meeting my alliance members in real life to make strategy plans.
Make raids on toilet during work.
Buying gems with credit card.
Being sad if loot tickets are empty.
Buy several flasks to reach lvl30.

I’m definitely not addicted. I can quit whenever I want. I just don’t want to quit at this moment… But I can, I definitely can…


I don’t think setting alarms to wake me up or remind me to log on at certain points during an alliance war makes me an addict. That’s called dedication. :wink:


Yep. Or hiding in a toilet in my office to hit the titan. You all do this, don’t you?


Hi my name is Dave. I’m an addict. My fingers can’t stop twitching.

This is the right room right?

My spouse is part of my alliance. Problem solved! (kinda :wink: don’t tell her)


It is indeed the right room! Welcome.

The highly sugared coffee is behind you. Take a cookie. :wink:


I firmly believe if I enjoy something enough I can’t call it an addiction … chocolate anyone :joy::rofl:


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