Are you considered an addict?


Are you considered an addict to this game if you wear the tip of your finger down from game play? Uh…asking for a friend…


What fingerprints officer?


Signs you are an addict:

  • You set alarms for battles (more than once) during the day
  • You delay meals in order to fill your Raid chest
  • You rearrange your device’s apps to give more prominence to E&P
  • You get annoyed if your Spouse interrupts your conversation with Alliance mates
  • You redraw Heroes in your spare time
  • You design new heroes in your spare time
  • You have a poll at work trying to determine the next HOTM’s Special
  • You give a RL prize to the winner of the poll

Stuff like this. (Oh, and I don’t do any of this…wink wink nudge nudge) :grin:


… in which case you are well prepared for that time when you DO become an addict, aren’t you? :wink:


Their next app to be released will have to do with E&PA Empires & Puzzles Anonymous…


Of course… Addicted… I love this game


Wow how did you know these? Lol! They didnt just came out of your mind buddy! Lol!


A little too close to home, @Rook, a little too close to home.


Sounds like it that I look on de mirrow

  • When your spouse (or BF/GF) asks you if you like that game more than them and get in the doghouse for answering too slowly…


yes … i’m a game addict ep

  • Your fingertip gets worn down a bit to where the color match combo you were trying to do failed because the tablet/phone didn’t move in the direction that you intended.

  • You speak profanity following the previous reason…