Are you Aggravated? So are we!

Join Team Aggravated - an alliance family committed to winning!

3 tiers of strength/ability for all levels.

Engaging & Friendly leadership that want you to be successful in a team and as an individual!

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Oddly, I’m “Furious”, I only qualify for your lowest level. :wink:


Nice post … how are you checking that players have the right number of 5* heroes for the top 3 tiers?

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Heroplan and/or (3) screenshots - top 45 heroes into a line album.

Self-admittedly we allow some freedom(s) to the individual ally leaders to use these numbers [min req’s] as a a baseline without being a solid lock. All have see small(er) rosters play alongside or better than big rosters due to game mechanic knowledge and skill set.

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Come join the Assimilators sft - we’d be happy to have ya help build up our starter tier!

This is pretty much up to date
My roster, more or less up to date,


Me qualified for all those levels.
But my joes chained me though. :joy:
I cant leave them.
Between nice post. :ok_hand::ok_hand:

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Aggravated Assimilators fits you well. Knock and tell em Chaz sent ya, Sft.

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If anyone would like to apply to Aggravated PX Knights, then by tagging me here we can begin the process. Im checking the forum every hour or so.


The Aggravated Team Alliance Family upper tiers…

SFT, JGE and AGL, thanks for visiting our Team Aggravated Ad and leaving your feedback!

Best of luck hunting!


Aggravated Bite Me - has picked up a couple of players but still has room!

Aggravated Baltic Heroes is filling up quickly. If you speak Baltic, Latvian or Russian and play at a high level, this is Aggravated’s home for you!

Sespit, welcome to the Aggravated family of Alliances. Now 83 deep in 3 weeks and growing fast.

Still plenty of room for all levels of players!

Welcome home - Team Aggravated!

A new poster for the team…

What do y’all think?

Aggravated Bite Me recruiting for a leader and co-leader!

Are you a beginner, mid-level player, a LV/RUS/English speaking upper-level player?

The Aggravated Family has spots for you…

The Aggravated family has done some restructuring and added some new team mates!

122 deep in 32 days - upper level and mid level player spots available…

Come be a part of this thing!!

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