Are you a merc or normal player

  • Yes! I am a merc and proud of it!
  • No! I like to be in an alliance constantly!

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Mercs are dead

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That’s why I started this vote. Since you loss some Titan loots and have to wait for your Titan chest I do not expect to have many mercs though I often read Posts where alliances are looking for them. Thanks for your reply! :rofl:

in my opinion if the merc is comfortable and always active in helping each other in the alliance it doesn’t matter to me


I have a lot of respect for good mercs, but the game is stacked against them.

Almost need a ‘share’ button, where the alliance can agree to share loot with legit mercs but not those who used to scoop loot and run without invite.

I’m definitely neither. Why isn’t that an option? Are the illuminati messing with our choices here? What’s going on - why are we being manipulated???!!!

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Fear or Love, Brobb, you must choose


Sorry @JonahTheBard nd @Brobb. This should be nothing unrespectful. Since the rules concerning Titan loot and chests where changed when you jump into another alliance I was just wondering if we still got any merc in the game. I agree. A Merc is very helpful. Unfortunately opening a poll does only give you two choices :weary:


I voted. Happy to help. Just reminded me of the scintillating Donnie Darko…

Thank you and once again sorry that I left room to get this vote wrong…

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Regular outside, still a merc within.

And still hoping one day mercs inherit the earth again.


What if you wanna vote for both. Cause im in an alliance, but the alliance also allow is to merc and help othes.

As I said in my previouse post. Froum only allows 2 options. As u r linked to an alliance I would say you are no merc. I also jump between our armada of alliances but don’t fell like a merc.
Damn (what a pity, cough cough). I should have make a vote how you feel and not what you are: Merc or streight an alliance member…:hushed:

We merc on titan pass

I used to merc fairly often a few months back, but with the addition of 11-12* titans I never have extra flags to spend. Additionally, the loot nerfs have made mercing much less profitable even if you have the flags.

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I look at where I allocate my time:

99.999% of the time in alliance
00.001% of the time Mercing

I love Mercs, but I’m definitely a card-carrying alliance member. :wink:

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Me too. But it Looks like there are still about 10% mercs here. so it really make sense to call for them in recruting category. Last time I read such call I was wondering if they really got a Chance to get one but thankfully they are not dead as @ThatGuy said :blush:

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Maybe we should impose ‘national service’ - every player over 3400 team power is conscripted to Merc for one week a year.

Thus providing a much wider pool of deployable firepower and increasing inter-alliance community.

Not bad this idea. But in this case I request that those mercs will get full Titan loot and ready Titan chest for this week. otherwise they are punished that they have to help out.

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