Are you a collector of 3 stars? How do you Keep your sanity and manage your roster space

First, I spent heavily on hero capacity. I am at 255. Being level 77 helps with that, but still, it’s a lot. I realized I wanted to level up efficiently using food, so I make sure to have room for about 30 feeding options at once.

Second, my sanity has been questioned quite often. I have had people in D&D games argue whether I ( not my character) am a force of order or chaos. There is someone who I worked with that is honestly convinced that I am an alien or cyborg pretending to be human.

Third, I have realized that I am of a mindset to not over commit in games, and I hate using things I may need later. So I will keep a second of what I deem to be good 3* in case I want more of them. Also, for a long while, i had as my only leveling options duplicate 3* heroes in some colors. This wasn’t because I lacked materials to level up 4* or 5* heroes, it was because I didn’t have any in those colors. Once costumes came out, that issue mostly went away.

My duplicates in the various star levels tend to run towards healers. My leveled 3* duplicates are: Namahage, Belith, and Gato. I have a number of duplicate 3* at level 1 right now, and they may or may not get increased.

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I have ca. 60 3* and a total of 250 spaces - just buy them as needed. I keep dupes only whilst I’m levelling - in case their special doesn’t get to 8 and I need to feed them to themselves. Tourneys aside, where else do you use 3*?

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