Are you a collector of 3 stars? How do you Keep your sanity and manage your roster space

With all these new portals and shiny new heroes; and tower events that may require extra teams to complete the levels, how do you manage your roster space ? I have 4 copies of Grevle and 4 copies of Noril (just to name a few!). I keep thinking ‘4 copies of Noril could be useful in mystic Titan event’.! So far I haven’t had the guts to feed many of them away - I’m thinking ‘maybe someday they may find a use!’ And I’m such a collector! Ive completed hard levels for season 2&3, so it’s unlikely I’ll be doing many summons from these portals but multiple copies of kvasir, nordri, grevle etc sitting on the bench for ‘what if they put a new challenge event or another tower with 100 levels!!’ What do you do? I’m a mid level player but would like to be more competitive in challenge events! I kind of want to feed all duplicates away and then I watch YouTube videos of teams with 5 Poppys beating 5* teams! Happy gaming

well, I just use gem to buy space


I forced myself to deed away dupes. I currently only have dupes of Brienne with costume and Nordri for Titans, and Tyrum with costume for tourneys (in case I need both dispel and cleanse as Gill-ata is too slow).
Also dupe Pixie for challenge events, sometimes I need the extra help for triple bosses… but she’s on the chopping block as I have been refining my challenge event playstyle.

I’ve bought roster space already - now 5 slots will cost 150.

Yeah, some 3*s are excellent, but realistically I never used both Kvasir or both Hawkmoon…

And sure two Poppies are great, but I get along just fine with one Poppy and one C-Bane :slight_smile:


I had previously leveled a dupe Bane and dupe Kvasir. I never use them so I fed them after some time. I see no need to keep place for heroes that won’t have the chance to serve me. Dupe Nordri is fine for mythical titans. Besides him I see very few I would keep 2. And more than 2 is out of question. I see little reason to keep buying space with gems when I can free them without harming my performance at all.


I only keep one extra copy of a hero that is valuable, so that means most of them are 3s, two at most. I have a very small amount of dupe 4’s, only the best of the best and dupe 5s get fed into HA10. The only 5 hero dupe I have fully leveled is Kunchen, since I was lucky enough to get two of him when he first appeared and he was THE dominant tank until Telly showed up. You can never have too many 5 healers IMO.

Over time I have bought extra slots, but only when the need really arised. I also regularly review my 3s. A 3 who was valuable 2 years ago has most likely been supplanted by a better one so then I feed off the old dupe.

I also do hold onto some heroes to eventually get around to, but if I don’t touch them after about 6 months (3 & 4 stars only) after first getting them, then I know I will NEVER max them and off they get fed to a 5.


I have a few dupes that probably need to get fed off. There are few 3* where I really see more than one being necessary. Two Kvasirs keep your whole team alive in bloody 3* battles and do significant attrition damage to the enemy. Healers can run short on tower events (if doing the lower levels with 3*). I got basically only 3* from the Black Friday portal (a few 4* dupes), so am going to have to expand my roster space again soon. [Don’t feel too sorry for me, as I got rings in the chest.]

I have a couple that I have kept one of because of the spirit of the thing (Vlad, possibly Jack too), even though I don’t see ever wasting time on leveling them.

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Getting great 3*s is usually easy so people getting dupes of the best ones is far better that 4s & 5s.

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Yes, I collect at least one of each from 3 *, then I upgrade to the ones I use in tournaments and events. I had to buy space in my hero capacity several times, because I also added one of each of the 4 * ones as well. I like to play tournaments and have variety for each type of tournament, in addition to that here it does not matter how much money you put in the game, the 3 * ones are easy to get and I can play equally against paid players.


Depends on what you want to achieve with your 3*.

If the focus is event tournaments and you want to do mono, you may want to keep multiple copies of better 3* like Edd, Bauchan, Poppy (there’s more).

This applies also to RT. Depending on your RT play style, certain heroes will be more useful for certain rules.

If you only want to collect them, just 1 copy is enough. Maybe 2 copies if both Classic n costume are useful (for you). Like Tyrum.

And yes, SGG requires that you use gems to expand your roster space.

SGG did not keep track of the number of heroes released since this game’s inception, and they are not willing to offer a free roster expansion for all players as it will affect the “game economy”. You can search for the spring QnA session, have a read. Most illuminating.

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I don’t keep any dupes of any 3/4* but I am trying to have one copy of every hero maxed with at least one emblem.

I’ve finished with 3* and I have about 70% of my 4* done. Then I’ll go back and level the rest of my 5* up to at least 3/70. At that point I’ll possibly consider dupes but I think more likely I’ll start directing all that food into troops.

I’ve always found it more interesting to use different heros than copies since I started the game when S3 began so there was already a wide range of heros. I think people who started earlier when there were fewer overall heros are more inclined to dupes, like over at Puzzle Combat where it’s a vastly smaller hero pool so far.

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Poppy is the only dupe I have that I intend to work on.

I rather work with each heroes uniqueness.

Even with 4*, I only have dupe healers. Now that we have quit a few 3* heroes, I see no reason to keep extras of those.

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You buy extra roster space with gems. I’ve maxed several duplicate 3*'s and the only regrets so far are Valen and Bauchan; those dupes have never seen action.

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Maybe you can use dupe Bauchan during next month’s Challenge Festival. I’m hoping to get my first Bauchan there (among other heroes). :pray::pray:

To the OP, I spend quite a bit on extra hero slots. I have eaten a small number of maxed 3* (S1 is easiest to get back, if you ever need it), and will try to feed away more unnecessary dupes…


Ive decided to never level up dupe heroes. So this trimmed down my roster quite a bit. I only keep dupe 5* heroes (dont ask me why, i dont know either… maybe hoping my 2nd and 3rd fenrir could be combined to make a new hero?)., but even then i have begun to consume dupe S1 5* heroes.

Regarding 3* heroes, i keep maybe 6-8 of each color so I can use them for events/tournaments where i usually run mono. I have consumed some 3* heroes even if they are already maxed because i find that they are redundant already. Ex. Namahage used to be a staple in my red 3* team but since i got cHawkmoon and kornel, ai found his skill to be redundant and would often be overwritten. So I fed him to my current 5* red project.

I think that my advise would be to check if you still use a particular 3* hero. If not, dont need to keep them anymore. Or the other option is just to buy roster space.


I think the best advice is to check how often one realistically uses dupes.

As I said above, I forced myself to feed many away - I used to have dupes of almost 20 different 3* (Belith, Hawkmoon, Kvasir, Friar Tuck, Bane, Valen, Berden, Mnesseus, Melia, Balthazar, etc…)

And I often go mono in events and tournaments too.

But I tracked my usage…

In Tavern of Legends and the Towers, I only use 3* up to stage 5 anyway, so at most I need 5x5 = 25 total 3*.

And even in tournaments, I would not run 2 Hawkmoon, or 2 Kvasir. and while using 2 Valen is nice, I could make do with Valen + Gato instead. and so I was able to trim my dupes down to the current number :slight_smile: (4 pairs of dupes only).


Hm… :thinking:

I’ve very collectory at heart. So I like to keep at least one copy of a hero. S1 3* duplicates I tend to feed away, unless their costume’s special is significantly different to warrant keeping two (Tyrum being one).

As for the roster space… buy space when it feels necessary. Unfortunately…


I have this issue but on the 4* tier. I have 3 of Mel, BT, Kiril, Rigs and Sabina, all maxed with costumes but only 1 copy of each with emblems. Will probably keep all of those.

Then I have 3 Sonya, Caed, Tibs, Proteus. Sonya and Tibs have costumes. Caed costume elludes me. 1 of each with emblems but all maxed. Considering dumping the dupes of those even tho Max lvl. Keeping Proteus dupes for future emblems maybe.

Then then I have 2 Chao with costume, 2 Li, 2 Kellie all maxed, all rarely used (even the Li with emblems) and am considering losing the dupes there too.

But something feels wrong with feeding away fully leveled 4* even if it’s been a good year since most of them have seen use.


I am a collector myself and I keep each unique hero at least once. Regarding 3* I only keep dupes of Bjorn, Kvasir, C Brienne, Nordri and C Azar. I recently fed dupes of Rudolph, C Berden, Mnesseus, Gato, C Bane and C Tyrum (Idk why i used to be obsessed with sniper dupes), cause I felt like they never got used, even though maybe I should’ve kept 2 C Tyrums and emblem both cards with each version (dispeller/cleanser).
2 Bjorns are kinda fun for defense and offense on some vfast tournament formats, 2 Kvasirs are nice for bloody battle as their minions can kind of count as healing, 2x C Azar and 2x Nordri I use very often together in any tournament format and with C Brienne I tried to experiment using both versions on offense, mainly vfast tourneys. Most useless of the dupes I kept tbh, I was just trying to run both for fun, but I don’t think it’s really beneficial in any way, so she might become food soon.


With the recent Black Friday summons I’ve added a number of new 3 stars to my roster, but there’re too many! I have 8-10 in each colour (all unique) and 14 in yellow. Surely I’ll never need more than 10 3 stars in each colour… just need to be stricter with myself and eat those lesser used heroes up.

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It’s easier when you get 5* once in a blue moon. I keep many 3* and 4* heroes because, well, let’s say I can’t go full 5* mono in any color.

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