Are Wu Kong and Boldtusk stackable?

Just a quick question. Do they play nice together?

Yup absolutely

Same with kiril and other attack buffers

What doesn’t stack with wu kong is wu kong or ranvir



Went ahead and tossed in a link to more detailed helpful info put together by @DaveCozy


Maybe also good to know: Ranvir (and I suppose Wu as well) has no boosting effect on direct damage special skills of other hereos, while BT and other regular attack boosting heroes do.

Hmm believe they do boost special skills or they wouldn’t cause them to miss as the miss is part of the boost and i know in their cards it says “this includes special skills”

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Recently I noticed when farming (think it was in S2-1xN):

When my Zim fires and all enemies are at full health, they stay alive with just a tiny amount of health.

When she fires with Ranvirs bonus active, it’s the exact same thing.

However, when Zim fires with +25atk from her own special cast earlier she kills them all with her special.

I noticed that several times. I think I even used mana potions to repeat that experiment, when I first noticed. I can also try to repeat that with Wu instead of Ranvir to see if it’s any different. But should be the same for both

Wu and Ranvir do boost special skills.

Their special skill is a direct modifier of the Attack Stat, hence why if you tap their face in a raid, their attack stat has the green +xyz above it.

Miki and Tarlak do not do that because they affect only NORMAL attacks. So they are a more silent buff.

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I will record it and post it here. I was also surprised when I noticed it… But if Zim usually leaves the enemies with maybe 5% HP after firing her special, how can they still be alived when she is supposed to have a 195% boost?

Because Ranvir’s buff is conditional on an HP comparison:

So if Zim has more HP than the enemy, she gets no attack boost nor accuracy reduction.

And for farming lower levels, that’ll always be true, since Zim has a lot of HP relative to weak enemies.

It’ll be different, because Wu has no such HP comparison in his Special Skill.


I always thought that only refers to the -35% accuracy. Lol… should have known since I own him since he came out. But I mostly use him on titans…

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A lot of people have thought that, but it applies to both together — it’s a single buff, that applies entirely, both attack boost and accuracy reduction, or not at all.

And for Titans, they always have more HP than your Heroes until the very end when dying, so both the attack boost and accuracy reduction always apply.


Good to finally know how my hero works :laughing:
thanks :+1:


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