Are we mature enough? – comments on battles

I would like to see us have comments on battles. Yes, I understand that some people will be jerks, but it would be nice to congratulate players on a good defensive team, or share strategy.

Thoughts, comments questions?

I would need to learn how to do trash talking in Russian for alliance wars :stuck_out_tongue: (just kidding)

I’m a fan of including more social and communication features, this game has a winning community for sure.

Lol. I have not encountered the Russian community of note.

And I agree. I believe that by and large, this is a very decent gaming community!

There could be preset messages thatyou could send perhaps… :woman_shrugging:

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I just can’t see that happening… Why would we congratulate a defense team? It just sits there doing absolutely nothing… How would that go? “Oh, great, congrats! Look you got GM Telluria Vela there! Great defense! And how original! Keep up the good work doing absolutely nothing!”

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You are a very negative person.

Why? You usually congratulate someone for an achivement, for something they done themselves. There’s no merrit or credit for setting up a defense team and forgetting about it. It’s like being congratulated for the way you auto -farm… I think congratulations are in order for winning against a defense, not the way around. Well, oppinions differ.

1 step … hey the revenue for game decreased !!!
2 Step … not worry … i insert new heroes pretty good for the ,chikens””
3 step … ah money start to come ! +++__))))))
4 step … now the new heoes need 1 adjustament in downgrade ,for insertion in future at new atractions …
Game over
Not Fair !!!

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