Are we heading to Pay2Win? Plus, other concerns



I just wanted to post this here. One of the Colossal mistakes I made after deciding to spend money on this game (other than the decision to spend money on this game, Just kidding) was to do a lot of Elemental and Epic hero summons to get 5* heroes. There is a lot of advice that I can give to new or even some experienced players in the game, but this is very important: Do Not Do Epic or Elemental Hero Summons…at all.

There is only one caveat tot his and that would be if it is near the end of the month and you want to give it one more shot at getting the Hero of the Month. Other than that, DON"T DO IT!

Here is why. Literally every single Hero that I paid to summon from either Epic or Elemental hero summons has been duplicated multiple times over while I was doing Event summons or from my TC 20. I currently have At least 5 Joon, 5 Sartana, 5 Lianna, 4 Marjana and not that many of the others because I fed them off. Keep in mind that I’ve fed off Joons, Sartanas, Liannas, and Marjanas too. Save your money.

Until they stop putting the Regularly available 5* heroes in with the Event summons, Don’t waste your money on the Epic or Elemental summons. Please do not make the mistakes that I’ve made.


do not give them ideas, please … :wink:


I think the biggest single element that needs to be changed is mindset. For every pull if you think are going to have 5*, 99% you will be disappointed

Think like the 1%, at least I got a 3*. If you get anything more than 3*, Bonus!
I like this game, and even more so after i change my mentality. Be content with what you have rather than frustrated at what you don’t.

If every team has Messi/Ronaldo, whats fun in it?


This mindset suggests to not spend money at all. Because who would spend money when he expects a 3* :rofl:


Well i believe each has their own freedom to do what they want with their money.
I am a C2P player… spend alittle here and there for the fun and enjoyment. I am content with what I have. Some spend more, have better heros, some more lucky. But we all enjoy the same game.

Pause and think for a moment: in the end, none of these things belongs to us. All heros, cards or what you call it are property of SG. Can I keep a Guinevere in my cupboard? Can I place a King Arthur in my display?

Its not easy to control emotions, and in fact emotions are one of the most complex subjects in human. Contentment is an underrated word, & difficult to achieve. Opposite of it will be greedy.

This forum is full of anger, disappointment, giving up… Just hope to bring some light to this place


I’m not sure if you were referring to my post with this or not. My post was not about unrealized expectations more than it was about spending money more wisely. Because of all of the limted Elemental/Epic hero summons that I did early on and when I do an event summons and Marjana or Magni show up, instead of saying, “Holy $%$$#, I just got Magni!” I say “Oh, Another Magni. I hope Kiril likes the way He tastes.”

If you are going to spend money, do it Wisely. Do not do Elemental or Epic hero summons unless it is near the end of the Month and you are taking one last shot at getting a HoTM.


Very good writen I have exactly the same feelings about the game. If SG chenge nothing after S2 I will quite and look for another game. Thx to Avicious for showing the real problem.


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Hey all,

I feel/felt the same as all of you. I have invested a ton of money into the game only to get little to nothing in return. Last event I spent over $1000 trying to get Guardian panther and the only event heroes I got were 7+ duplicated of guardian falcon and guardian jackal. I felt terrible and figured I would give the next event one more chance, and if it didn’t turn out well, I would cut my losses and quit the game.

Now, I spent between $500-$600 on this event and here is a list of all of the notable heroes that I got. Notable heroes are categorized as 5 star heroes, and any event hero. I am not counting the normal 3-4 star heroes as I already have 100s of them from previous pulls. In no order I received:

King Arthur
Drake Fong
Morgan Le Fay
Sir Lancelot x6
Merlin x6

I am VERY happy with all of these pulls and will continue to play this game. I know that not all of you got this same result, and trust me, I was shafted last event as well. I have seen a spike in Ascension materials as well. I got a yellow chest quest today and when completed received a damascus blade, and warm cape as well as a lot of other goodies that made it worth it.

In my opinion here I firmly believe that increasing the rate of ascension materials is going to increase spending because now you actually have the ability to fully ascend your heroes and make 6x great lineups for wars. People will be more likely to spend to roll for 5 star heroes to create all different kinds of lineupes for wars, but also defense team, and offensive raiding.

I have 28x 5 star heroes (including duplicates) and can make some seriously cool combinations for teams. Sadly none of them are higher than 3/70 and 90% of them are still level 1/1. So in my head I am happy that I have these heroes, but know that it will take me years to get the materials needed to actually be able to use them, and by that time there will either be 100s of new heroes that make these ones obsolete, or the game won’t even exist anymore and makes me slightly discouraged to continue to invest in this game.

I firmly believe that maybe a small increase it 5 star attainability will be appreciated, but the real appreciation will come from a HUGE increase in ascension materials for these 5 star heroes.

TL;DR , I spent a lot of money, received what I feel is my moneys worth for this event. But ascension materials desperately need a higher drop rate or to be able to be purchased directly. This alone will make everyone happy and will also increase peoples spending, and keep long term players.


Have needed 1 more ring for several months now. Deal came out today and it took much will powerbut im not going to buy it. For me it has gotten to where i am pretty much only getting level 4 items via purchase bundles and Im not doing it anymore. Especially with the lack of response from SG in reference to this thread. It probably wont make much difference when you have people spending 1000 on an event, but it makes me feel better…lol


Hey Zen,
Good to read your post buddy.
Totally agree about end of campaign reward, it’s such a let down to get nothing for finishing it. I remember being stuck on level 9 or 10 - one of those all holy monster levels- for ages, thinking i’d never beat it. You deserve a reward for getting to the end, and as you say it costs them nothing and gives encouragement.


Hi @DeMoNiC-ReaPeR

Little confused by your post…

But then go on to say

Glad you got good results on that one - so is the pull rate reasonable or unreasonable?

Or is it just mats your struggling with?

If you spend $1500 in heroes are you after more ways to buy materials or hoping to get them from loot?

It would seem that the drop rate would have to be exceptionally high to keep pace with that level of spending on heroes?

You got some cracking heroes there, enjoy :blush:


So you basically say, to spend more money than most common monthly salary in my country (around 450$) to get decent loot? Ok :smiley:

To All Those Quitting The Game...Tell Us Why

I know for many, its not a lot of pull but i did 10x on holy ele hotm. Got 3 copies of same bad 3* (Dawa) 1 bane, 1 4* nobody uses and for good reason (Hu Tao) and 4 copies a 3* of one of the weakest, useless hero. Thats bad. Never again…Then I decided to try my luck again. did another 3 pull on fire ele hotm. Got 3 Jahangir… i was so disapointed…sight. Live and learn


I meant that up until that point I had gotten little to nothing in return. The pull rate SEEMED to have increase since the last event. But that may have only been because I got exceptionally lucky. Based off of my experience with the LAST event (guardians of teltoc) it seemed as if pull rates were way too low. They should definitely be increased. However, my MAIN point was that ascension materials should be WAY easier to get from titans, chests, and should appear more frequently as special purchase packs. people arent just going to get 5x 5 star heroes and then stop spending and make that their permanent team. you need 30 heroes for alliance war. You need all different numbers of colored heroes to raid properly. Making it easier to ascend heroes will make people want a larger variety of heroes and therefor spend more money on events and all of the regular heroes.


I am glad that in this topic THIS ONE THING is all you pulled out of that entire paragraph. Basically I said that I had to spend $2000 to get a good lineup of heroes. This means that people who DON’T spend that are likely to never get results like this unless they play for YEARS at a time. Drop rates are too low, and more importantly, ascension materials are too hard to find. What good is it for a free to play player to pull a 5 star hero if he can only ascend him 1-2 levels?


My 20 chars: stopped paying and vip ran out. Will continue playing, but on very casual basis.
Still have some hopes for season 2.


Good job. You are my hero!


I was a medium-casher but in the last two month I’ve got nothing, really nothing for my money. I’ve tried to get the HotM in June und July and spent a lot of money (obviously not enough) but all I’ve got were 3* heroes and several Caedmons and Little Johns. And I’ve never got a 5* event-hero!

So we come to the events. Why is it possible every level to do again and again and again and again til it fits? In other Championships or even the Olypic Games the participans have three tries not more, only three and the best will be taken.

I understand you want to be paid for your work, for your game. Why do you think, that we don’t want to get anything for our payments? Why do you think, that we want to give you our money without any reward? I’m willing to pay but not for nothing. So I decided to quit paying for nothing til you will give me heroes AND ascension items for them.

In two TC 20 I’ve got since May ONE Azlar, several Caedmons and Littler Johns (why do you think, that I need them so much?) an lots of 3*. It’s so dissappointing.

Really, I loved the Game it was so much fun and I played it daily but in future only for free. I don’t get good heroes with money so it’s better for me to get no good hero for free :wink:


I follow this post from the very first day and i love how the community stay together.

I agree to this issues totaly and in my oppinion, it is a shame for the Developer if they would ignore all the “help calls”

Maybe I missed the reply from SG so sorry if this has already been answerd but if not, it would be very disapointing. So my question is: In one of the replyes from SG I read seasos 2 would be better and we should not blame the game to early. Is there are a list of changes / improvements which has been done. We need facts nothing else.

Two members from my ally quitted this weekend with the reason they make no progress and sticking in the game for month. They investigated cash as well thyts why in my oppinion the frustration lvl is much higher.

@SG simple but eficiency question to answer:
What exacly will be improoved in season 2!

Im not asking for a reasonable explanation why you have made this change, but it would be very nice to read you have done it due to calls from the community or something like that. Just to prevent the speculations.