Are we heading to Pay2Win? Plus, other concerns

I’ve stopped buying diamonds in game.

I have decent amount of heroes, but no materials to ascend those heroes. So there is no idea to get more heroes (with money).

It would be beneficial for the company to buff chests/loot so players would get materials to actually play the game.


My last 5 elemental chest gave me 15 daily summon tokens


I am playing a year and only some time ago I get materials to ascend 5* hero ))) And more than 95% of all 4* ascend materials were obtained from quests like Farholme Shrikewood Mount Umber etc., New Year, Rabbits etc. Well from anywhere where you can get by 100% for sure by winning. So …


My last five elemental chests contains always 3 silver tokens. Two of them no Ascension item (3*-4*). At least you should change the info when I touch the chest because there is no great rewards inside at all.

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Elemental chests been nerfed for sure, especcialy epic tokens… or at least there were bug for several months earlier and “various bug fixed” in build note nerfed it. Also (my thinking and prediction) they just added some ascension items from world map, that won’t been there (such crap like dagger, boots etc) into them. That’s why drop changed so.

P/s/ Earlier elemental chests were appeared after every 20 completed chests of monster or raids or 3 titans chests if there were none big updates, big updates just reseted it or almost reset (it was proven by many people but not widely known)… but where were announced randomness of it?

About the civil and “nice” answer given by Sara here, its pretty much throwing water in the bonfire here. As nice as it may be, and for that we appreciate it, it is sugarcoated and at of the upmost of simplicity of an answer to calm down the community. It worked pretty well, the community is now patting you. Aww they do read the threads, they do care…This is a typical “call center” response to a series of massive complaints pointing out at the same direction. IT IS to hard to get these assencion items for a ftp, even for a ctp. It is badly leaning toward ptw. The odds are unclear and unspecific. The answer provided, for me at least, is to appease the crowd. Sara, i can picture you writing this with your boss behind you telling you tips and providing you with some fine tuning in how to calm down a heated thread. No answer here, just a bunch of “we care about you guys and we already got you money”…oo wait, forget the money part. Anyways, it worked. Good job Sara :cookie::cookie: here, two cookies for you :hugs:


They have stated that everything in beta is still open to change so no they didnt address specific inquiries but they did give an answer. Imo i feel this subject is getting blown out of proportion. It is just in beta and those in beta have brought up their concerns. Bombarding SG with inquiries from players who aren’t in beta and dont have all the information will just lead to more privacy implemented in the beta program.

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Sara, honestly I think you do care. You are the voice of SG and youre stepping in the heated frontline. You do your job and you do it well. SG devs and investors are the ones taking the decisions. You do what you can to provide us with some answers with the tools you are given and its appreciated. Now its SG turn to show us what the future of E&P will be. Love this game and hope for the best.


Yes I know that… But is our concern that their beta thoughts are all about money. Improvements in gameplay we didn’t see for a long time in this game. We receive new events, new paid heroes and offers that cost 10 k gems. I think it’s time to disaprove with that. If they test some overpowered heroes at some overpriced costs is not a good sign for the future of the game.

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Beta or no beta, I WOULD like to know whether I should do a few event pulls in August and try for guinevere (after all, I attack guin tanks all the time, so it would be nice if I could have one as well).

OR whether I should just save my money.

Because if the season2 heroes make my entire bench of heroes obsolete, devalue a year’s investment of time, effort and money at the touch of a button and relegate my account, my heroes and my game character to the back burner of utter mediocrity, then I will pack my little bundle and leave the game.

I will most certainly not spend hundreds of dollars to avoid that fate. I simply do not believe in throwing good money after bad.

I have done the same thing in another game. Reduced spending, hung on for a while, got bored, stopped spending, quit the game completely. And never looked back.

I know the signs. Been there, done that.

When I start to say “naaw, too expensive, I will not do this”, “naaw, too expensive, I will not do that”, “naaw, too expensive, I will not do the other” - then soon it will be “that time” again.

Been there, done that.

From the comments here, it seems that I am not the only one who has reached the “naaw, too expensive” stage. That is not a good sign. Not for a game that wants to make money.


no one can answer that question even beta testers because heroes are always subject to change so if someone tell you to not get her because she will get a nerf then the admin later decided to not touch her, that will make the advice you got a bad advice and verses versa @AnjaValkyrie

it is not the nerf of guin that bothers me. she should still be alright even after that.

the question is whether to spend money in August if my entire game character, my best heroes and everything will be reduced to utter mediocrity with the advent of season2 and those new heroes.

In the latter case, I might as well save my money.

Because, in the latter case, my enjoyment of a possible guin will be very short-lived indeed.

In the latter case, there will be no more AnjaValkyrie in this game.


im not allowed to give much beta information in here but i can tell you this, all the leaked photos b4 of the heroes is totally diff than what they are now, every hero not only the new one was buffed and now they all back to normal the new and the old one, it was a test for something they wanted to do and now they put it back to normal, the heroes is new but i dont see them now as a huge diff that will make the old heroes not usable, just dont rush into imaging things because the dev wont do something that can lead to alot of people to quit the game such as make new heroes that will make you throw your old one thats not an option.

Edit: i will get genu my self in aug but thats personal choice so dont take my words as goahead or no


What would you want? If CEO himself that wrote the same message ‘we listen to you’, you’d still say - nah, you’re lying.

You can either trust them that they’re telling the truth, or not, and then I think it’s the best option to leave the game. I mean, why would you want to give money to people whom you don’t trust?

You can also choose to trust them, and give it a while and if you have a feeling it’s all lie and you don’t like it, you’ll leave. I think that’s what most people will do.

Sara communicated in a way which is proper for this type of situation. She’s probably not the CEO, so she isn’t in a position to give any promise about some specific thing. She said they’re on vacation and that this isn’t time when big decisions can be made, which really sounds plausible for me. And also, this exact thread is just few days old, in any SW company no matter how small it is, proper decision process about something new should take weeks. It’s not just about telling nice message, it’s about research they may have to conduct, bug fixes and what not, or good projections about new features and so on.

But at the end, it’s our personal option, for each of us - to stay or to leave. Both are right for us.


In season two announced 5* green “Wu Kong”. It’s enough for not to ascend any other 5* green hero.

he is not 5* wu kung he have a buff same as boldtusk more or less and that hero you referring 2 along with all the heroes the people saw is still changing as we speak they might become alot weaker or others more powerful , everything on beta is subject to change based on the reports from the beta testers, a 5 * wu kung was an idea from someone i believe, they didnt like to keep using 4* hero at 12* titan still,

He have 100% attack buff stacking with other attack buffs. Just count Wu’s buff minus accuracy debuff and you will have similar numbers. And if this hero will be nerfed you can to ascend any other hero in several weeks or days, but you can’t get 6 tonics in that time

again im not allowed to talk about what beta have in here but the hero you talk about along with other heroes have been changed alot since the photos leaked and will be change again maybe no one know, and even if he became better than wukong he still a 5 * hero while wukong is 4* so its logical that he should be better, and about the idea if its fair or not i just maxed g-panter few days ago maybe tomorrow the dev will add better dark hero than her then i will regret ascending her, this is part of the game and its a cost we pay for the decisions we make, unless you dont want any new heroes to be added to the game thats how things are, sad but its the same for all

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that sure sounds nice.
I agree that such a move would be a very bad business decision indeed.
Chasing away paying customers by suddenly devaluing the products that they bought in good faith, and, at the same time, proving to everybody that the company cannot be trusted, no, that would not be wise. At all.

How do the sayings go?
A satisfied customer tells 2-3 people of his experience. A dissatisfied customer tells 10.

Customer retention is the key to good business.
It is a lot more costly to acquire new customers than to retain existing customers.

(You can tell that I work in a sales company, eh?)

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Discussion is allowed, screenshots aren‘t. So how far has green WuKong changed? What‘s the % now?


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