Are we heading to Pay2Win? Plus, other concerns

here for example is note about fixing the rare titan stuff

I can’t recall that chest ever got here, but I don’t know them all by heart. And Sara said - if it’s not in the notes, it wasn’t intentionally touched.

So maybe we can concentrate more that @Sara @Petri do check for bugs, I mean, they can happen, we’ve seen it many times.

And that those maybe bug reports are taken seriously if they happen after some new release.

However, also, many players don’t know how statistics works. If they see 25% chance, they EXPECT to get something every fourth time otherwise they whine it’s a bug.

Chance works on huge amount of tests, for tossing coin you’ll get around 50:50 I think after more than 10 thousand tries.

(edit: here’s a test using simulation of one million tosses and it just starts to resemble 50:50)

And here, people have proved that system is bad after a week of titan chest. That’s 7.

Let’s say - SG we want better chances, and stop saying - you’re cheating us. It’s different.


are you 20 people? you have earned 41 million dollars … a game app as a stopper star really cost nothing, you have servers that are often worth it because they are slow … you have staff that before you understand a mistake go days, at the beginning of the game the rare companies were 1 once a month then someone said that he understood the error and have it fixed … there are 6 months to understand it? if a company like windows takes us 6 months to understand an error then apple will buy the world tomorrow! returning to us I said you are 20 people … we make two short accounts … 41 million (those declared but I am Italian and I know well that those hidden under the mattress are many more) and 40 million were a long time ago, from the geneva event to date you have taken at least many others … so if we make an estimate we talk about 3 million dollars each for a game on the phone … Well I expect that for a figure like this that not even all of us will earn in all life one developer is available 24 hours a day to respond to a problem and not that I say “we’re on vacation” … the holidays do it in turn !!

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and I try to be civil but I’m sorry you know after 120 titans in 4 months and after 10 rare trunks and after at least 200 trunks monsters and raids I do not see 1 damascus blade I can not pretend nothing when a person answers me THE AWARDS ARE NOT STATES TOUCHED


Yes, that’s how businesses work! Divide all revenue between your employees and don’t invest in anything else! No wonder Italian economy is what it is :slight_smile:


OK PASTRAMI then let’s think about how you want … we give 3000 euros a month to everyone, from March of last year are 17 months do 17 x 20 people for 3000 euros … are 1,000,000 and little more … you want me to say that in this game for 2 new events and 4 heroes and for a war have put the other 50 million who have earned? Who made them design the war? to osama bin laden ???

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thank you for opening up your heart and speak up what is in your mind, i would like to explain the rage that happened here its clearly because people love this game and want to see it better in every-way, this game got people from diff backgrounds and diff cultures so people explain them selfs differently but nothing is meant to hurt or make anyone feel down, i do appreciate everything you guys doing but sure there is some changes need to be done to the game to make it fun for everyone.

i dont know if its your call to make or the CEO but your game grown big and it need more staff both coders / customer services and even ingame GM’s.

many serious cases sent to you guys as reports which have been dealt by with auto reply massages which is understandable due to lake of manpower and huge reports increase due to the increase of the player base.

many reports is ignored both in forum and on the support page, many great ideas have been posted in the fourm which got alot of votes and we heared or saw nothing applied in the game which make the whole ideas section invalid and just another ignored section that people was wishing it will meet their wishes / expectations.

there should be changes to the game and the way the company is heading or the game will start losing players slowly till you guys wake up and its too late then. its not too late now but it will be later so please take our voices upstairs because people are clearly not enjoying the game that much and ofc im not saying everyone but majority are, my self im enjoying it even there is alot of parts i dont but still its nice still to play for me so im talking on behalf of others who dont.

Thank you so much and i hope my reply will be accepted with open heart as always


I don’t think anyone denies the game has F2P component… Whether you would like to spend is your choice, but I guess some idealistic players expect something in between which I would call Free to Win, and there’s no such thing…

Thank you @Sara for your kind response, timely feedback and for the the reassurance that the game is in the heart and soul of SG. All I wish from SG is to realize that their “Giant” has grown bigger in the last year and so did the community in this Forum. Can you please balance the size of this giant so it doesn’t grow to a mass of abnormal “behaviors” that is out of control more than what it is right now?

Thank you again,


I don’t know where you are getting your numbers from, but I have a feeling they are way off. You are missing the point. If I was running a business, i would consult my most experienced people to address a concern like this. And during holiday periods there is a chance these people are not directly available. I guess this is what they meant. You can’t fix that by just hiring more people.


So… The whole team goes away at the same time?



Personally I put a small amount of money in this game, because I have some experience in the past with this type of business. Small Giant follow this pattern also. In season 2 we have a bunch of overpowered heroes that make the old ones look ridiculous. That’s the problem. All the money invested in the old heroes are gone with the wind. You have to put more money to be in the top. Pure rubbery for the top players. Usually this type of strategy lead to a huge revenue in a small interval for the devs but also lead to the end of the game in the next phase. They know what they doing and don’t care too much about our opinion. A lot of companies let the games die at one moment, focusing on a new project.


I am a bit confused by what is meant in this thread by pay to win. Pay to win what? 1st place in an event? Ok, probably for that you need to pay, but I’m not interested in that.

I have played this game for a bit over a year and payed about 70€ in total on good gem deals to get my 10-pulls. Winning for me is advancing with my alliance, beating higher and rare titans, winning wars and humiliating players with higher tp in raids. I have been able to do this, and getting the feeling of winning by just spending this 70€. probably I would have been able to get there without even paying anything. I have a ca 3700tp team and out of 10 raids I win 7 against teams in the 3900-4050 range. I have learnt to play smart and I don’t own any of the meta-heroes.

I don’t get it why players spend fortunes just to get a certain hero or ascension item. They know it is based on rng and still keep on doing it. But I don’t judge. There are people who pay for used underwear from strangers, and probably they are complaining too, when the smell and stains are not what they were expecting. Luckily we all have a forum and like minded community friends to vent to :slight_smile:


You could easily had avoided that part.

Could be that the perceived loot changes from elemental chests are a bug that have yet to be fixed?
If so, I’ll open a topic on Bug & Issues area with haste :slight_smile:


Just look at the release notes for 1.11.7 (iOS) or 1.11.6 (Android). There you can read “various bug fixes and smaller improvements”.

So either getting 3 epic tokens from an elemental chest was a bug that was fixed to the normal “be happy about 1 epic token” or it was an improvement to replace the epic tokens with normal ones.


Nice catch - I was thinking the same thing. I don’t recall this ever being communicated.

Open the topic.


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Well from perspective, if indeed the loot drop rate hasn’t changed, there are a lot of customers that sure have experienced bad luck. Seem to be several that used to get gold tokens frequently and never do now. That’s a LOT of bad luck among a lot of people.

In any event, seems that while SG says it’s the same always, apparently that might not be good enough. If people are leaving the game in frustration, then perhaps it’s time to re-think how these items are distributed. I’ve only played about 90 days, but already am seeing some frustration on how difficult it is to fully ascend a 5 * hero.

It’s often a catch 22 situation, you have to beat 10+* titans, finish at the top of challenge events, etc. to get the best mats, but of course you can’t do that because your team isn’t strong enough, because you don’t have the mats.


Well, I know exactly what you are saying. In my opinion wu has softened alot. As for as ascension items…I have been waiting for 1 telescope for 4 months, and a warm coat…that’s wrong on so many levels…I do spend some money, but not that much anymore. Sick of the same ole same ole. When will season 2 come out. I beat season 1 about a year ago…getting old

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Somehow, I missed your excellent posting…

Yes, yes, and yes!
I fully agree with everything you say. Every single thing. You have put it very nicely indeed.

Including all the farming one has to do in order to get the ingredients for the forge, to make the items that are required for the titans.

How can you even enjoy getting a rare titan, if you know that it will cost you several days of farming very intensively (and for paid refills) to replenish the stock of the items that you will spend on this? So that you will not sit on an empty item storage when the next rare titan comes around?

This game is turning into a chore.

And like you said:
Spending time, effort and money is considered worthwhile when there are nice rewards. But if there are no decent rewards, then the motivation wanes quickly.

I myself will take the game slowly for a while.
Do what is necessary for my alliance - I like them a lot, after all - but apart from that, just take it easy. It will be very enjoyable indeed to be able to read a book or news magazine without constant interruptions to hit “fight” on the map of a game.


After reading some messages after @Sara I thought “bah people … why are you so naive?!”. Thank @Loro @Elpis and some others that didn’t accepted Sara words at face value.

Changes in AW from total alliance score to only titan score - was anywhere mentioned? No! People found that only some time after. Epic troop token after finishing quest “Find Scouts II” - far past ago it was after 3/4 or 2/3 of quests, then it become after 1/2 of quests, then after 1/3 of quests and now it’s just disseapeared (ok maybe it’s not best example but example).

Just remembered only that ones, but I think if we all try we could remember a lot of such examples when there were hidden changes or nerfs etc. So sorry but I won’t take that words about “we never …” “the ods never…” “something never changed… unless it wasn’t in built notes” by pure truth. It’s just a words that a lot of people won’t trust.


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