Are we heading to Pay2Win? Plus, other concerns



Your point is broadly valid but I don’t think the specifics hold up. Is spending sufficient to get to the top? Obviously not: dozens (hundreds?) of players post on the forum that their spending goes unrewarded. Is spending necessary to get to the top? Obviously not: some players (like me) post on the forum that they get to the top without spending. So spending is neither necessary nor sufficient.

It helps, of course. If I was willing to spend then I’d make my team better, I’m sure. But only a little.


Lol pick a player in the top 10 cup ranks or a player in the top tier of events that doesnt spend…I’ll be waiting


Or top 20? Could even go top 50 if that makes it eaiser?


It would be nice if the rest of us that finished season 1 could get something besides a bunch of stupid story pages that offer nothing


Everybody got some tokens with the last update for finishing Season 1.


Oh come on now - was that meant to be difficult?

If you wanted to give me a challenge, you should have asked for the #1 ranking. Then I might at least have had to burn a few flasks getting there.


Lol well done. Brobb nailed it, there’s no need to spend. Guess you better hit up zero and jimme and let em know they wasted their money lmao


I would never presume to tell anyone how they ought to spend their money. There seem to be plenty of players who don’t like the idea of grinding their way to TC20 then churning out heroes until they can construct a good team - if they want to hurry things along then more power to them. They pay for the game, after all, and they have my respect.

But spending in E&P is just a shortcut (and no guarantees come with it). If you’re willing to grind then cash is not needed.


Now now, replace that Hell and Alberich with some other heroes. Even two other HotM like Thoth and Natalya, or Perseus and Musashi.

Are you still that confident in both attack and defence?
How much F2P you think as both Hell and Alberich?
You and… ehm… you?


Alby and Hel … F2P … yeah right.

Sorry dont buy it … will never buy it … dont even try.


Depends entirely who we replaced Alby and Hel with. If we replaced either one of them with Guin, for example, then my raid defence would improve radically, though my attack would suffer. If we replaced one of them with Delilah or Ares or Zeline then my raid defence would improve somewhat, and my raid offence would be unchanged (or maybe slightly improved). And if I could finally train Justice then I could put Joon on my bench where he belongs, and my raid defence would be improved significantly without hurting my attack.

I have a good team with good heroes. I was lucky to summon Alby and Hel at no cost, but not so lucky when it came to summoning Guin, Delilah, Ares and Aeron. I’ve trained many good heroes, but not yet Zeline or Justice.

This is what happens when you grind for a long time. Most of the time you are unlucky (which costs you nothing) and some of the time you are lucky; good luck adds up over time.


Well now, let’s see. I’ve been posting on this forum as a F2P player for about 16 months now, including details of my team from time to time, and confessing with glee on the one instance I shelled out £2.99 on a special offer. If you really wanted to you could look through my extensive history of posts and follow my progress in the game.

But I guess that would not convince you, huh? My guess is that you would attribute this to me devoting 16 months to weaving a devious and deceptive tale designed to mislead forum readers because… um… why?

If you’re going to cast aspersions on another person’s integrity then you really ought to have a basis for doing so. Why don’t you •••• come back when you have something interesting or intelligent to contribute. ••••.

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Then you are not F2P … sorry even 0.01c spent is money spent.


Premium heroes are not playing player’s exclusive.

A friend of mine have both Aeron and Perseus with 0€ spent :man_shrugging:
And what Brobb said is true (from what she have always wrote), but her offer were like a lot better than the current ones :stuck_out_tongue:


Still not a F2P player as there was money spent.


You are absolutely correct: money is money and spending even a single cent instantly converts a player from F2P to P2W. How foolish I was not to recognise that this was a binary choice and not a sliding scale! Clearly I am much more suitably grouped with players who spend thousands of £, € or $, than those who spend nothing.



Always a pleasure Brobb …


I have Hell, i know the difference she makes.
While on defence it can change a bit (maybe a little better depends on the sinergy with the others) i know that attack will suffer even with Zeline or Ares in her place.

And i know you don’t replace Hell with anybody else, probably Alberich too on attack raiding.
They just are so good and makes so much things easier in a lot of contexts, especially raiding.

I tank and i know the teams i face.
All 5* regular and minor Hotm teams (not Guivevre, Zeline, Gravemaker or such) are in the 2300-2400 range.

Even winning all 6 raids at first with a trophy gain of 50 you can barely be in the top 100.

Yes, there are days better and days worse, but still without flasking you can just fight for the diamond tier and sometimes taste the chart (if someone don’t instant-revenge)


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