Are we heading to Pay2Win? Plus, other concerns

Yes, it is. That would be fine.

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No, the answer is: Do not buy the Ascension packs or the Trainers tools packs. They are both way too diluted to be of any consistent good for what think you are intending to get. Secondly, all those two items do is hurtle you toward the “Tome Wall” all the more quickly as Tome of Tactics and Damascus blades are not included in either of those two items, so you’ll be stuck with a couple of dozen Max Tier 3 Five Star heroes that really are not much good for anything other than saying, “I’ll ascend XXX when…”

Not to mention that eventually you’ll be sitting there with 12-24 of each ascension item sitting in your inventory once it is all done as you collect more through the normal means while pining away waiting for the rare tome or Damascus blade to fall your way.

Ascension packs and Trainers tools packs are the largest waste of money in that shop in more ways than one. You are paying now for a really bad chance at getting what you’ll have too many of later on.


With the Trainers Tools packs, the odds are just ‘unbad’ enough that it may, and I repeat may, be worth taking a punt if you’re just one short of capes, blades, tools, or compasses. I used to get between 2 and 4 unfarmable items per 10 packs out of them.

I won gravemaker with 300 diamonds but from what I am reading I guess I am lucky

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This entire thread is a moot point, in my opinion. Did anyone else read the small print before installing and playing Empires? “Contains in game purchases” is the big flashing warning sign that the game was/is P2W.
Give a player ANY opportunity to pay to advance and you can garuntee the majority will.
The chests may have been nerfed, Titan have gotten mysteriously stronger and so on, but the OP asks “Are we heading to Pay2Win?”.
No, the game already was from the very beginning.


Still training 5* heroes.
Still generating streams of unfarmable ascension items.
Still improving Titan damage.
Still spending nothing.

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I’ll be your Huckleberry lol

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I usually don’t post to threads such as these mainly because I don’t share the complaints that many players seem to have. I started playing sometime around the first of the year so I have no knowledge of the state of the game before that.

When I started, I spent probably $100 US over a couple months and pulled 3 5*s, including Zeline. Between these heroes and the ones pulled from my training camps, I soon reached that nice equilibrium between ascension materials and the heroes to use them on, and accordingly, I slowed my purchases to the monthly VIP (which I still find useful). I’ve seen neither this supposed titan strengthening that many ppl refer to nor the multiple loot nerfs also referred to. My game has pretty much stayed the same except for my own progress.

A couple things I HAVE noticed…People very upset who repeatedly say they are going to ‘quit’ the game yet somehow keep posting repeated complaints and don’t seem to actually leave. And those who attack as a ‘shill’ anyone who enjoys or are otherwise satisfied with the state of the game. e.g. the accusation of being in SG’s back pocket :roll_eyes:

I think it’s obvious from the countless examples of folks who have done so…it IS possible to be competitive in this game with little-to-no spending. That said, if you want to have every HOTM and STAY in the top 100 or win monthly events, you probably have to spend a bit. This game, as opposed to so many other activities, is not built around the principle of instant gratification. I personally love that you can’t ‘buy’ your way to the top…it takes time, perseverance, and above all, patience. Oh, did I mention I really enjoy this game? LOL :wink:

I hope y’all find what you’re looking for. Thx for reading. Good day!


I was in full agreement with your post until you said we can’t buy our way to the top because actually we can. Sure some time is required but money is required as well. Have you seen the ascension mat inventories, maxed troops, the hero rosters of the players that consistently take the #1 spot in raids and events? Hard to say they didnt buy those ranks

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I think I can meet you halfway with this…Yes, you can enter the 10-pull lotto to try for the ‘best’ heroes, but from what I understand, ascension mats for direct sale is a relatively new thing. And the time it takes to fully ascend those heroes…lots and lots and lots of grinding. I guess my point is that you can’t plop down some money and buy yourself a 4-80 Zeline, which I fine comforting. Maxed troops are a VERY rare phenomenon indeed, but I see no reason why you couldn’t achieve this as well, sans cash. And yes, as I mentioned, you would probably be hard pressed to STAY on top of the cup leaderboard (although you CAN get there) and/or win events without some spending. But I expect with another six months months of playing, there wont be many raid teams I can’t take down…im almost there now. Best Regards.


when i bought these, for buying the full 10x, i’d get between 4-6 of the color specific items (hidden blade, trap tools, and warm capes) and 1-3 compasses. At the time for the 2000 gems (or is it 2500 it’s been awhile) it was worth it. Once i moved up on titans, 3 star items were basically rolling in and are almost never the bottleneck.

Your point is broadly valid but I don’t think the specifics hold up. Is spending sufficient to get to the top? Obviously not: dozens (hundreds?) of players post on the forum that their spending goes unrewarded. Is spending necessary to get to the top? Obviously not: some players (like me) post on the forum that they get to the top without spending. So spending is neither necessary nor sufficient.

It helps, of course. If I was willing to spend then I’d make my team better, I’m sure. But only a little.

Lol pick a player in the top 10 cup ranks or a player in the top tier of events that doesnt spend…I’ll be waiting


Or top 20? Could even go top 50 if that makes it eaiser?

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It would be nice if the rest of us that finished season 1 could get something besides a bunch of stupid story pages that offer nothing

Everybody got some tokens with the last update for finishing Season 1.


Oh come on now - was that meant to be difficult?

If you wanted to give me a challenge, you should have asked for the #1 ranking. Then I might at least have had to burn a few flasks getting there.


Lol well done. Brobb nailed it, there’s no need to spend. Guess you better hit up zero and jimme and let em know they wasted their money lmao


I would never presume to tell anyone how they ought to spend their money. There seem to be plenty of players who don’t like the idea of grinding their way to TC20 then churning out heroes until they can construct a good team - if they want to hurry things along then more power to them. They pay for the game, after all, and they have my respect.

But spending in E&P is just a shortcut (and no guarantees come with it). If you’re willing to grind then cash is not needed.

Now now, replace that Hell and Alberich with some other heroes. Even two other HotM like Thoth and Natalya, or Perseus and Musashi.

Are you still that confident in both attack and defence?
How much F2P you think as both Hell and Alberich?
You and… ehm… you?


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