Are we heading to Pay2Win? Plus, other concerns

Today… No change on the prizes True???

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Use your eyes it obvious. This game is clearly fixed to slow it down. Eg you get items you dont need to slow you down. You get the wrong colour tiles on titans. To make titans harder. Same on raids it gives you bad tiles, just so you dont win all the tine.

The tiles cant be random. Or it would have even ish distribution not most of the time loads of the colour you have missing. So if you cant see it wheres your evidence???


sorry but there is one thing I do not understand, the thread, with reason, is that the game is too p2w, but as the thread works, for the quality of users and SG sees it, I think it has become a catch-all , where each one claims their interest. if we do not want a pure p2w how can we ask for more elements to fall and faster? now it saves us a bit that the whale arrives, tries, spends a lot of money and has the best heroes, but can not raise them. If you also give it up, there would be no FTP, we would be comparsas. and it’s not worth talking about quality, in a game where luck is so important. Let’s center the thread, that SG has to go crazy seeing that one thing is asked and the other is asked.

I feel for ya with the color blind thing, I often have the same problem. The blue and purple diamonds/dragon tiles look the same to me.

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I think this thread is starting to have too many topics.

1. Is the game P2W?
As someone pointed out some of the solutions proposed would make the game even more P2W. Don’t try to make it look as if you are trying to defend us from P2W, you are advocating for it, you just want easier/faster/cheaper progression. I’m not arguing whether that would make the game better or not, and honestly who can say it. If people start getting everything they want easily, they might quickly get bored and leave sooner, maybe. And completely F2P players might get pissed off because now the gap between P2W and F2P players is bigger an leave as well, maybe.

2. Are boards random?
Confirmed by devs AND players. Sorry but if you don’t provide data at least as good as @Dante2377’s to prove they are not random, you don’t have the right to say “open you eyes”.

3. Wu Kong
Same as #2, if you really don’t believe devs, start counting all the misses/hits and provide the data with at least 1000s of attacks. Accusing someone of lying without any real proof, just because you just had a bad streak is very childish.

4. Elemental chests
From what I understood, devs response is that they did not change it. I´ve been playing since launch but I did not keep track of them, sometimes I got my epic tokens and mostly the daily tokens. We can keep bugging them and run into the endless conversation (- You changed it. - No, I did not. - Yes you did little devil. - Nope. - Are you sure?. - Yes. - I don’t believe you, check again. …), or propose a solution. We cannot say “make them as they used to be”, because assuming good faith, from their perspective they’ve always been the same. So what should be fair? Personally seeing the 3 daily tokens is what makes it quite disappointing for me. I’d be happy with at least one guaranteed epic token. I don’t think that’s asking for too much and maybe they’ll accept?

5. Change in beta policy?
Honestly I think a big part of all the fuss is caused from the leaked content from beta that was showing unfinished work, and if I understood correctly it was also broken. And you wonder why they changed their policy? Personally I would not allow any information from beta to be discussed out of beta group. It’s just unnecessary misunderstandings, rumors and panic. Beta programs are for testing stuff and getting early feedback without involving the whole community, and I think it’s pretty clear why. Even if a few players are getting some privileged information, they are also spending their own time to test and give their feedback. Good for them.


Sorry but i couldn’t resist …

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I’m in agreement except for item #4. This time last year the loot from elemental chests was much better than now. I guess it’s possible the change was only announced as a “minor adjustment” or in some other vague way, but it has definitely changed for the worse.


My point of view here on the so called random situation.

I beleave the devs when saying nothing has changed and that it seems as though it’s changing based on your climbing the ladder, getting stronger, ascending heros etc etc so the game seems more difficult as you get stronger. Nothing wrong with that bexause if you got stonger and the opponents didn’t the game would become way to easy on it would be over in no time.

Now although the randomness doesn’t change what I believe affects your chsnges is the XP level percentage of maybe something likes strikes or percentage of tiles in your favour, something like that which determines weather you win or lose, acceptable in my opinion as you can’t win all the time.

EXAMPLE OF THIS FOR ME IS using raids, when I am going to lose I know within the first 30 sec of playing because my hits mean nothing to the opponents but yet they kill me within 1 or 2 shots plus I pretty much have to really seach for tiles as I get nothing I need to increase my mana at all, bottom line I lost BUT When I do a rematch or even the 2nd rematch I find that everything changes and even though I am fighting the same opponent my hits are stronger, I get all the tiles and there retaliation is weaker than before so I win and this happens 80% of the time.
So yes I do believe there an element of control to the game but I believe it’s to do with the randomness of the game.

Having said that, responding to chest etc rewards.

I do agree that the rewards we get do not refect what the game wants us to endure or the resources the game expects us to use to achieve greatness.

I feel people/players would appreciate it more ( and this just an example ) if

  1. map levels! There were something like a epic token or even 1 ascension item of your choice/random for completing that level.
    Now to make this map even more interesting these rewards could be offered everything that whole Providence is completed which would encourage players to play more rather than just doing the odd stage to get farming items.
  2. if the mystic video which I am sure no one really pays attention to offered at least once every 2 or 3 days an ascension item or a better token even instead of gems, really what is 2 gems, nothing.
  3. titans should reward at least one ascension item with every win
  4. Quests should either have some that either offrr ascension items or be rewarded an ascension item fo completing it.

Even if these things didn’t happen on a daily bases at least randomize them to every few days or once/twice a week

Throwing at least an elemental token in there once a month also wouldn’t hurt the game and keep players interested.

My point is, your all arguing about the randomness of things because your losing but what your really losing is standing farming materials 99% of the time, that other 1% is when your excited thst you got something.

I FEEL this game would achieve a massive turnaround if it just made rewarding players better not so much during raids or Providences but for completing them, offered instead of gems for completing missions ascension items and/or epic/elemental tokens, I sure players would appreciate these more than gems, if they want gems they would buy them.

All of these ideas works for both free and paying players and would I am sure remove the constant complaints, keep users fat more interested thus creating a fantastically exciting fun enjoyable game worth coming back to 10 times a day. Players wouldn’t even complain if they lost knowing that the rewards for trying harder where rewarding.


As stated it’s only my point of view but I do believe it would work better if this type of thought was implemented by SG



What I really find annoying and not fair with the ones that don’t pay is that heroes of the month are exclusively for paying players… And that is a BIG TRUE.
If I don’t pay, I have only one chance a month of getting a hero of the month, because I can’t train them in any camp.
So don’t say that paying only accelerates the progression.
I like a lot the game mainly because it was fair with non paying players, it took me lot of work and thinking to progress, but I could progress and reach a good level.
But heroes of the month changed everything.
I think we should have at least one chance to train a héroe of the month in camp 20. Or old heroes of the month should be trainable in camp 20… Or any good idea the developpers may have to overcome this injustice…

I hope you would consider solving this issue.


Do not you feel ashamed to gi

ve thing?
Now SG tell me that the awards have not bene changed…

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Considering that in part paying players have no other greater advantages within the randomness of the game other than having more chances at trying, allowing this to paying members only seems fair.

Remember it’s the paying members that allow you to play for free.



I have to respond … even though that @Ozy1 and I did NOT go along on any other issue before and we end up at distance… but this one… man, dude … I tilt the brim of my :tophat: as a salutation and mark of respect to you.

Thank you.

P.S. …20180806_035519


I don’t pay and I agree with you that paying offers more CHANCES to get heroes and items. I have no problem with that.

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Its true tho about the assencion items. Ive been here for 4-5 months ish and cant even max a 4* yet and i wont be able to in the near future. I assume it will take me another 4 months to get 2 warm capes as the rare quest today is for an orb. Makes no sence. That unless i spend money…so basically, unless you get very lucky, takes more or less 6 month to ascend a 4*?

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Thanks, lol

Note though but I am not free playing player, lol because I understand the differences.


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Oh so much replies and almost nothing about one issue, that I think is the main, I am talking about that “crap random” scattering. People there told about needing some guarantee after some summons, titans etc… More than year passed!!! there were something did for that time? NO, maybe even became worse. I am playing with 1 person who didn’t pay anything and he have 8 5* where 3 are HOTM, he have 4 fully ascended 5*. Why I believe he didn’t pay? Because he was always making video of anything gather some tokens, some diamongs (~aprox 1000 a month or near) and making video of summoning… I was making each month 10-15-20 event summons from november till july each month plus some tokens always and … no HOTM and only couple times I got 5* heroes (not event!) and only few times 4* event heroes (merlyn, 2x hawk, genzel, 2x gretel). Btw heroes 5* were Kagan (second after camp) and Isarnia (sorry for translation of heroes, but I believe all understood me). He was just “lucky” while I were screwed by devs. Of course I don’t blame him but it’s not even close to fairness. I believe some people have more bad situation than me. And it’s totally bad and bad and bad and bad … It’s nonsence!

What I mean? @Avicious told some ways to solve some misunderstanding and problems. But nothing good happened for an year. 400 replies there just openly ignoring from SGG. Because one person on vacation and SGG is a small company? Just bulls**t and looooool.

About that random spread, i don’t think they can make something with it now. Even if they could that would mean they just spit on earlier players, buyings, summons etc.

I think it’s time for some ultimatum from playes. At least for some open and vast respond from SGG. In that forum there are only small part of players, but they can affect on others by many sources, don’t think most of players think opposite for problems which were debated there. Sorry if were rude for someone and thanks for understanding.


Game is avtersized as free. ftp players, if they feel they found a gem of a game and its business model makes them feel like its worth spending a few bucks, they start to spend and tells their friends about it. As a result, it brings more business (more ftp players). Underestimating and stating that ptw allows ftp players to play for free is totally wrong. The ftp pool must be healthy as of the business model of the game itself. Ftp players, while not most of them, becomes ctw and a very few goes to be whales. We all start as ftp and not “im gonna play this game and blindly sink tons of money into it to allow other players to play for free” so settle down cowboy or you’ll fall of your horse

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Lol, I am already falling I think, so before I hit the ground let me say this.

  1. It’s advertised Not avtersized
  2. It’s advertised f2p to attract players into the game as if it where not new players would be hesitant on installing to game to start with and yes spending money is then ones own choice as the game can be played for free continuously.

You are totally wrong because like any business, if it’s not making money then it will cease to exists as it takes many many developers numerous amounts of daily hours, days, weeks and months to not only create this type of coding but to maintain it for people like uou and me to enjoy a hassle free playing experience. Then you have to pay for the servers thst run this, the security, the power involved, the licences needed which all add up to thousands of bucks a month/year then wages etc etc.

If think that this kind of game could be done just on free players then your very much greatly mistaken and have no idea of what you are saying.

So yes it very much is the paying players that make it possible for f2p players to keep playing for free otherwise there wouldn’t be a game to play.

Now as an example all you neec to do look at how many new games/businesses start up online daily and compare that with the ones that don’t make it and close down within the first 12 months (if they last that long), the numbers range from around 150,000 new sites a day and just as many per day close down and at times more close down than are started, why because they haven’t got the funds they expected they would get from opening in the first place.

That’ll a fact


About the gems I dont agree with you.
A steady flow of gems allows me to buy one of the package deals from time to time.
Last was for a compass, a warm cape and a 3* blue trainer hero for 500 gems.

Some people claim they cant ascend 4* heroes because of missing ascencion materials.
Either they are very, very unlucky, have no patience or they do something wrong.
After a good 4 month of play I am maxing now my 3 4* hero ( having a total of 4 of them in my rooster ) and my stash of 4* ascencion materials is steadyly growing.
Luckyly quite some time will pass before I will see my first 5* ( stronghold 18 right now ) so I have a lot more time to collect ascencion mats before I need them. :slight_smile:

On a personal note I got lucky yesterday with a green elemental chest that dropped a shield and a telescope. :smile:

So please keep the gems coming but the 3 silver summon tokens in the elemental chests are a kind of turn off and a nice reward for completing the map would be a really good and motivating idea.

May the RNG godess smile on you more often than not.

Hey what kind of chest was that ?
174k ham, 160k iron and 10 diamonnds ?

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