Are we doing something wrong or are they that good?

First time this happens to us…

Is our strategy mediocre or are they just so good. Congrats of course but wow. We’re top 100 every now and then, topping to 32 once.

I’d say your own score looks good enough to suggest attack strategy wise you are not too far off.

Their score suggests they ate your defence. Perhaps check if your defence lineup best matches this war aid. Maybe too much DoT etc? Or its possible they just got real lucky with RNG


you are at top 100 and they are at top 50.

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Adding to that, for me these cleansing wars are the easiest to attack, and I am far away from the Top 100. If they are in TOP 50 and had some more luck with the tiles, no wonder they achieved such result.

First time you lost ???
They probably had better teams and luck.

7k+ scores isn’t uncommon in top 50… . . In top 10 you might even see both sides doing 7k+ regardless of the A++ defense line.

Tx. We loose more off course. But we never lost 7200. Seems like the 7200 is normal. Tx. Max we got was 6800, but then again we don’t compete in top 50


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