Are we destined to lose this war

So I’m a player in greate fighters and we got this adverser in war who got 5 more players in number (like 30 more flags) and there alliance has more points than ours do we are outnumbered and overpowered.
This is not fair people,is it?
Some of our alliance said we are gone lose any way so why bother and play ?

Please try to get the war match between equal teams next time

I see you added a screenshot of your opponents roster. But how many of those players are actually on the war field? Due to the individual opt out, several players could be opted out of the war. Those players do not get to participate nor does the alliance get to use their flags.

What do you mean but points? Alliance score? War matching score? Actual points on the battlefield?

You can never truly predict the final score. Yes, sometimes you have an idea of which alliance has the better chance but there are too many variables such as boards received, bench depth and who actually plays. You play to win, otherwise there’s the individual opt out option.


It ain’t over until the fat lady sings…

Just because an alliance looks strong by the numbers, not certain they will win. You don’t see if their benches are deep enough, don’t see their skills, some alliances even don’t use all flags.

We have beaten teams that looked strong with good hits, good strategy and using all flags. Don’t give up, make the opponent work for those points. Good luck!

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when our alliance had this problem in the beginning it was learn to fight with what you had and see how good we could do to learn from it. if you have a bunch of people who wont participate just from looking then they already have the wrong mindstate. wars take teamwork and if the guys on your team refuse to even try them I would find an alliance where they will.

If you’re asking that question, the answer is probably yes. That question implies that you’re conceding before trying.

Ask yourself instead, “What can we do to win this war?” Then go do it. Same color tanks, coordinated hits, no unused or wasted flags. Control what you can and don’t sweat what you can’t control.


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