Are we able to shuffle the tile boards without Tornadoes?


Often when I’m playing, the tile board will shuffle for no apparent reason.

I saw that there were moves available, but the tile board would just shuffle by itself.

I was wondering if there are special maneuvers that we can do to shuffle the board?l I suspect that there are, but I don’t know.

Does anyone here know?


No, there are not. The board shuffles itself when no moves are available.


Tornadoes dodo and gives mana up 40% I think


Yes, I have noticed that and I think it’s great. Otherwise you would be stuck and just get smashed.


The annoying bit with board reshuffles is that it ignores special tiles. There’ve been a few times I had a perfect setup for a gem or dragon tile, then the board reshuffled and ruined my work because there were no other matches.


Yes I noticed it, but apparently it is a feature, not a bug…