Are we a joke to you?

the game maybe give only one five star once in a five months to ftp players … so what about making 10 instead of 100 ninja coin for a free sommun? you give us a fooking bane any way !!!


Honestly, I am no ftp player … I even spent a lot of money in the game, but after the Oct nerf … now the ninja tower is may be a good occasion for me to stop the game definitely. This is too much changes too often, I don’t recognize the game I discovered and loved two years ago. Any way I’ll start by not connecting to the game for 4 days, I just don’t want to see that tower anymore.


No change is not good, it gets stale, boring. Eventually you’d get bored and move on.

If you don’t like ninja tower, ignore it. It’s pretty easy to ignore anyway, the rewards are small and it’s time consuming. Definitely not a reason to quit the game.


I made this same argument when they announced it and said, within the text of the beta post, that it would require 100 coins. It really pushed me away from even wanting to see it actually be added to game, since it’s gonna be another “Tavern of Legends” but with ninja-specific heroes instead of HOTMs.

I’m happy it doesn’t consume world energy, but my god. That summon portal’s just gonna sit there like it isn’t going to give me several feeders before any of the new heroes…


i haven’t even started it yet personally.

with recent increase in emblems in other places, the current ninja tower rewards aren’t enough to peak interest

plus frankly i just haven’t had the time to mess with it but lackluster rewards doesn’t provide much motivation to “make time” either

think we’ll see them buffed in the future honestly.

event rewards, tourney rewards, etc

doesnt seem likely the first official released iteration of reward systems are meant to stay as originally released, typically see adjustments at some point. matter of when, not if.

my 2 cents


I agree the free summoning is underwhelming. But personally for me the reward of roughly 100 emblems for completing all stages plus the challenge plus whatever emblems I get at the end makes it worth playing for me. I’m not so emblem rich that I won’t put in the effort to get an extra 100+. The gameplay itself is considerably better than just grinding levels
Anyway it’s new, free energy, so we can all decide ourselves if it’s worth it or not


Yeah you should check out the post I put up yesterday I am catching serious heat about it it’s under Urgent Message/concern for admins… I was a little taken back when I seen the five star Ninja Heroes at 798 power with no emblems and I actually asked if they were going to give veteran players a higher chance to score one or two of the Ninjas because my concern is now anybody with a credit card can come on spend a crazy amount of money doing a lot of pulls then score some of those ninjas then on top of it if they score those ninja troops with that crazy attack power if they’ve got that kind of money and can figure out the Dynamics of the game they’re going to be able to take out veteran players within months just because they have a high credit limit on their cards so I voice that concern and oh my God the heat I’ve been getting but obviously there’s a lot of people on there that have the same concern but I might have gone over the top when I said is SG going to throw us veteran players a ninja or 2 LOL. So if you want to have a good laugh go ahead over there and check out that thread under General discussion and concerns like I said I think the label is Urgent Message / concern for admins I think you’ll get a kick out of it but I completely agree I love this game I’ve spent a lot of money and put a lot of time and effort into it so it really kills me to know that some kids with a lot of money can come in learn how to play the game for these insanely powerful Heroes and all of a sudden takeover the leaderboard after a couple months of playing


To answer your question…yes, yes we are.

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SG has no respect for long term player (no matter f2p or p2w). That’s clear. I just lost yesterday a war against player between level 56/69 with Telluria, vela and others with talent around 20. Mana troops were the only point where we saw easily they were CB player and not long term player as none of them got troop above level 15. My 4432 defense team (I’m level 81) was ridiculous compared to the 4508 defense of a Level 56 player. I don’t talk about my daughter (level 77, f2p) and it’s team at 4302 that was a bit stronger that their weakest player (4287 level 59).
SG strategy is the problem. They bring new content that is each time stronger to what was available before. So long term players can be defeated by new p2w players. Until this new p2w players understood they have been tricked too by a new event and decide to stop spending.

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As a CTP or FTP player the best bang for buck investment you can make is emblems, which will now be easier than ever to do. Fully embleming 5* heroe, or 4* or 5* costume heroes, will get you a formidable high TP team. My highest troop is at level 16 (the rest at around 11) but I field a 4500 TP defense team with a S1 5*, 2 HOTMs, and 2 S1 5* costumes. No Teluria and I removed Vel a while back.

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I have to recognize that costumes are a great idea for generating money. They have made obsolete all s1 heroes we took years to ascend.

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Very little in this game is obsolete. My tank is Lianna, her costume does not make her obsolete. A costume Joon is only an incremental step over Joon, if I didn’t have the costume I would stlil field him. Yes, the costumes are a great improvement for a lot of heroes (particularly the average speed ones) but lacking the costumes you can still get a lot of value out of some of the better S1 heroes.

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Swing it a vote here if you want: Real rewards for Ninja Tower

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