Are War Rules Too Weak?

So I’ve now participated in at least one alliance war with each of the new war rules active. When I first read about them in the release notes, I thought that they would provide a nice bit of variety over the same arrows over and over, and they do. However, now that I’ve seen them in action…

  • Enemy Aid is just a 20% heal, which isn’t much. I hardly noticed it when the defending team was full, and even when down to 1 or 2 defenders I could simply ghost to make up for the extra heals. The healing might as well not even exist.
  • Enemy Boost is probably the most potent, increasing defenders’ attack power by an undispellable 10% every few turns. Even then, though, it wasn’t really noticeable at all until the late stages of a battle. By then, it’s largely too late for the boost to be effective anyway because I can ghost to quickly blow away the remaining defenders. The boost might as well not even exist.
  • Enemy arrows is by far the weakest of the rules now that the arrows have been nerfed. Instead of dealing a flat percentage of max HP in damage, they use current HP instead. That means that it is nearly impossible for the arrows to kill (the one exception perhaps being a 1-HP hero), and that means I have no reason to fear them at all. I’m now free to ghost all I like without consequences. The arrows might as well not even exist.

There’s a pattern there: I feel that the war rules are too weak to affect the outcome of any particular war battle. The old style of arrows were indeed annoying to deal with, but they did successfully address ghosting, one of the major advantages that attackers have. Now, ghosting is feasible again, and it’s making war battles too easy and too similar to raids for me.

Anyone else feel the same way? Should the war rules be buffed, nerfed, or neither?

  • Buff the rules. They’re too weak.
  • Leave the rules as they are. They’re fine.
  • Nerf the rules. They’re too strong.
  • Remove the rules. They’re ruining wars.

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The new rules are still a reasonable annoyance. No need to buff them. Can’t please everyone anyway.


Agree. Rules are fine. Arrows back again today and still effective!

My last enemy hero had 18 health and I couldn’t get a scoring tile on the left on 3 turns…the arrows got me :tired_face:


This was vastly discussed in Beta but if you scroll the post in the forum you will see that a lot of people did topics after topics about how harsh the war was…

The Top Tier guys didn’t liked at all, and myself suggested something that could please the vast majority of the players but didn’t receive any answer!!!

Don’t know who you mean but i liked and still like the war changes. Much more fun :grin:

I won’t quote anyone but I vastly remember 2 of the Top10 guys said that the new AW would be “high scoring affairs” and they are right…

Hehe yeah the typical ones understood nothing against it still like it and think for the mojority much more fun :grin:

The community was in a general state of uproar before they nerfed arrows twice and added the other rules. Making aid stronger again would only piss people off again.


I feel like theyre too weak but I’m speaking from a point of top 150 alliances. That said I voted to leave as is. Once I started an alternate account on an old phone, I realized for lower level players with weaker benches, the old arrows were too punishing. The way they are now works great fr those outside of the top 250-300 alliances. For me, It provides a change from just raiding and still makes the wars unique.

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