Are top players on contract

So the top guys always get all the event heroes fully levelled in about 3 seconds after the event starts. It’s either craters full of cash or they get given them. Come folks, fess up. Are you paid to make us all jealous and spend more cash to compete with you? Not that I’m into conspiracies or anything…

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Paid probably not. Most have earned that spot However I do believe there’s a few that are probably the programmers playing testing the game for fun.

Oh I don’t doubt they’re ■■■■ good at the game. I’ve watched youtube - they are very good. What I question is the sheer speed with which some players get the new heroes. If I was SG marketing I’d want some out of reach top players we all aspire to compete with. And they would need to be ahead of the game. In the same way I sincerely hope we’re not competing with developers.

As someone who hangs around the top players a lot, I can assure you nobody gets paid and none are with the dev team.
They save up materials and feeders for days/weeks/months to be able to so something like that.
As soon as a hero is tested in Beta, the whole community knows and these guys are actually smart enough to save up for them.


That’s me told then. I’ll try to be smarter in the future.

Was a bit tongue in cheek though.

It also helps that the top players already have most of the heroes in the game maxed out. They have almost nothing worth leveling except when a new hero is released.

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Yeah I get that. I’m still trying to max out my 3*. Got a swift reaction though.

We all started by getting our 3* s up to snuff :slight_smile:. Took me a month to get my first 4, but accelerated after that. It’s tough for SG to balance the game so it’s exciting both for players who have been around for a month and for a year. The handful of people who instantly max out a 5* are just a bit outside that intended balance.

Maybe they get paid in gems… pff, I’d be all over that looking for a sign up sheet…

Me too. And I don’t care anyway. SG have built a great game…well maybe wars could do with some attention…but that’s another topic.

There is no dirty dealing happening, or at least no need to suspect it. Search the YouTube vids for power leveling. They show how to use TC’s as storage for both food and feeders. Then when they get the new 5* toy (through spending a good chunk of cash on pulls) they have everything they need to max them in no time.

May I add that we don’t have much need for the regular heroes and therefore can save up on hero tokens to try and pull the HotM.

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