Are they still around?


so I am inquiring to whether or not the ascension quests and elemental chest are still around. I used to see quests once in a while that had ascension items as prizes similar to battle items quests etc. also I used to occasionally get elemental wanted missions where you had to kill 150 of a certain elemental monster but the prizes were better. I haven’t seen either of these in over a month of not more. I have been waiting for either to come out as I have virtually no ascension items and about 12 heroes waiting for 3 and 4 star ascension items. where did they go???

How do I get rare quests?

They’re hiding. It has been about a month since pur last rare quest. Keep churning your wanted chests for the elemental. They are still out there.


Join the legion of players asking the same question. I am told it is all up to the RNG, and yes they are a round you just have to wait. B’S, things have changed for the worse. Another answer is to wait for the Alliance Wars, which may happen in two or three more months, and may have more ascension items available. Another pile of BS. Another thing some are saying is to stop spending money, hurt the pocketbook. I think there are too many out there with more money than me. I hate to see the experienced players get so discouraged. Good look on your ascension item quest.


The one Rare Ascension item quest last popped during the October events so I would expect to see one soon. That said, they changed the spawn rates in 1.8 to have it proc more frequently outside of special events, but less during. Hopefully that change didn’t reset spawn timers… if that’s a thing…

The 150 elemental one I got a few days ago.


Nowadays, I get these quests once a month.
But last time the reward was total crap, so you’re not really missing anything here.


thanks hopefully I start to see them. another quick question I have is if you or anyone knows if by skipping the time on the chests to start the next one affects anything in regards to prizes. for example would I get a better chance at getting an elemental chest or are the prizes better in a regular chest if I wait for the timer to run down as opposed to pay gems to skip and start the next


Yes in that you’re getying more chamces for the random elemental chest


Yes, Elemental chests are still around. I get them randomly… maybe 1 every other week; or so…

Also, as for the Rare Quests, i would love to see them a little more often - like before. For some reason (and i totaly get it) they seem to be spawning around the same time frame as the Chalange Events. But that’s from MY observations… LOL


i got a nature chest today and a holy chest a little over a week ago, so they are for sure still around. Rare quests are a joke… they should be called non-existent quests -.-

I hope the tweak they made to make rare quests and events less likely to coincide didnt mess with the frequency of rare quests showing up at all


I was thinking the same only we’ve barely had 1.8. Rare quests were MIA even before latest update


I’m waiting to see if things have improved in 1.8. I’ve only had it for a few days; too early to judge yet. :wink:


I am not certain if this affected the elemental boxes or not, but they just announced that there was a problem with the part of the game that releases rare quests and it has been blocking them instead. They are manually triggering a rare quest to be released for today while they work on the bug in the system. I am thinking that maybe elemental boxes were affected as well because I’ve not seen one in a while.


I had one last week and I know some others in my alliance have had them, so I think not getting elemental chests is a streak of bad luck, I have experienced those streaks too :wink:


I got an Ice box this Morning


I had an ice chest thIs morning and a mature chest last week so they are floating around…


how mature was the chest? did it have chest hair?


■■■■ phone…:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Suuuuure, blame the technology! :grin: