Are there more new Atlantic Heros coming soon?

Know there are a couple of zones left -

But are we going to get a few more hero’s in the families after Posideon?

If Atlantis follows the pattern of all of the previous months, then we’ll see Poseidon and Ariel next month, and no other new Atlantis heroes.

It seems a little unfortunate that the newly introduced final boss likely won’t be available as a hero, though:


That’s a shame. Skinny Ursula’s design is way more interesting than Ariel& Poeidon.
But would be unfair if Atlantis Family gets a new hero and the other two don’t


hopefully she belongs to a new family, the underworld, then we’ll see Hades in the future

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There was a leaked HotM image with those same ears, pale white skin, and purple “hair” though her eyes are very pale greenish yellow?

Nenu-Ocbmukor ??

The leaker used a Russian font not recognized by Google translate.

Of the five images, only Kunchen has appeared in the game.

Being a leak, they may have just data mined the image from somewhere else.

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