Are there any plans to support emoji and moving to the 21st century?

Okay, you know the platform where the client of the game is running, all supported platforms are supporting emojis, but for some reason, E&P is still using :weird: format from '80 back in the 20th century… I know, Android and iOS don’t have them 100% compatible, that’s why you have client app for a specific platform… Convert in the client emoji to your :weird: format if you want to…

On chat, copy/paste doesn’t work… So, posting a link there is useless… Posting anything smarter, like a pic is impossible… I know, lots of teams are using some kind of 3rd party messaging app to share that, switching between game and app, for something that could be fixed in a week…

And regarding emojis, nope, I’m not gonna use your :weird: format, sticking to ;), lol, lmao, etc… It’s much more understandable to everyone than :weird: format… Don’t even want to think about poor folks who aren’t using Latin keyboards…

But hey, when SGG cared about players except for “In app purchases”???

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totally agree.
and :weird: emojis are very limited.
since unicode is supported, emojis shouldn’t be that hard

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@Emilly91 I moved your thread to #ideas-feature-requests so people can vote in support of it.


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Hey everyone! anyone else been wondering why in-game chat does not allow emojis? Imo this would be a good and easy way to improve the chat to make impressing “feelings” easier​:joy::joy: since people nowadays do not tend to use smileys like ( XD, :-D, ^^ etc)

It is allowed. :l ol:
type this without the space between l and o and it becomes :smile:

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Here is the code list


thanks, but wouldn’t it be alot easier if they just allowed us to use android/ios emojis just by pressing them in the keyboard?

It would be easier but it was not forces by SG. We are all happy to find a way to get Emojis in the chat somehow. BTW you can also change the colour of the text and in description bigger letters.

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I more often use ;’) than :cry : in chat.
But I guess I am a bit old school and have trouble trying to understand the youngsters in their gangster language half of the time.

change colour: [#hexcolorcode] find colours here (just example)
e.g. [#ff0000] gives red for following text

I used to be able to increase the font in the featured message but with the latest update, I can’t anymore.

I’ve never been able to increase the font in the game chat. The formula shows it working in the draft, but once its posted it reverts back to regular size.

It’s like I can’t yell anymore :persevere:

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My alliance is full since a longer time hence i had no need to go to the recruiting chat and copy our add…but last time was no prob to change colour. Will try to test is today…

I don’t go on the global chat (shudder), but I think it supports emoji, colour text and larger fonts.

The actual chat in the game doesn’t support the increased font.

We need Fabulous emoji :slight_smile: